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Assess and Remove

The first step in resolving a nuisance bird issue is a thorough understanding of the exact nature of the problem. Our customized removal plans take into account the species of bird involved, the affected areas of the home and the time of year.

clear and clean

Clear and Clean

Birds can be messy, their nesting material and droppings can cause home damage and result in unsanitary conditions. As part of the process our trained technicians will remove nests from vents, soffits and balconies and safely scrub away unhealthy droppings.


Prevent and Protect

Our prevention plans are customized to address the specific bird threats your home faces. Our technicians are trained to install protective barriers and devices designed to make your home inhospitable to birds.


Reviews From Our Victoria Clients

Birds in Victoria

Home and business owners in Victoria are no stranger to nuisance birds that will nest inside or on their property. When birds nest on your property, they can create health and safety risks for everyone, however removing them and the mess they leave behind can be tricky. Pigeons, sparrows and starling are known to leave behind nests and droppings that can create serious health problems when not cleaned properly.

Bird removal in Victoria is complicated, because many species are protected by an international treaty called the Migratory Bird Conservation Act. If a species is protected, it may still be possible to remove them from your property, but proper, safe removal requires a special permit. Our team of experts at Skedaddle are familiar with applicable laws and ensure that our services are in compliance. Skedaddle technicians are proud to provide Victoria home and business owners with long-term solutions to their nuisance bird problems. Once we are done with the job, your property will be as safe and clean as new.

How We Protect Homes and Businesses From Nuisance Birds

Once a bird has nested inside your property, they can quickly create serious health and safety concerns. Starlings typically build their nests inside of wall vents, where bacteria left behind in their nest can reach all areas of a building through the conjoined ventilation system. Dry nesting materials in these areas pose a serious fire threat. Skedaddle technicians will decontaminate every vent that bacteria and nesting materials have traveled to. Our team thoroughly cleans all the areas where the birds have been, not only removing the nesting materials, but the excrement they may have left behind. Bird droppings can contain disease-causing microbes, so we take care and time to clean them up safely without exposing you or anyone on your property to dangerous pathogens.

Our team uses high quality exclusion materials to prevent birds from making themselves at home on a property. As each situation is different, Skedaddle technicians come prepared to install the best exclusion product for your specific property and its needs. Once every excursion product is installed birds will not be able to comfortably land on your property and will be unable to find an area to build a nest. Communities and businesses along the water in Oak Bay, Esquimalt and Sidney understand that birds like seagulls and pigeons are not going away. The best way to protect your property is to install preventive measures.

At Skedaddle, we understand that business owners’ top priority is the safety of their clients and staff. Our team takes every precaution to remove bird nests and droppings while your business is still able to operate. We understand the necessary steps needed to properly decontaminate a building inorder for it to meet health and safety standards. Using trusted steps we can safely remove bacteria and parasites without spreading them throughout a building or the ventilation systems. After our technicians have installed exclusion materials that have been customized to your property, birds will not be able to roost or land comfortably and will be forced to fly to a new home.

Growing Bird Problems in Victoria

Over recent years, a growing number of pigeons, seagulls and geese have been nesting on top of Downtown Victoria’s commercial and residential buildings, creating serious problems for residents and business owners. In hopes to discourage birds from nesting, the B.C government released a raptor trained to scare off nesting birds in 2019. The raptor was trained for three months, however it was not a guaranteed solution to the city’s growing problem.

Seagulls, pigeons and geese remain a problem for property owners in Downtown Victoria, and with such close proximity to the water, the problem is not going away at any time soon. The only long-term solutions that will guarantee business owners a bird-free environment are preventative measures. Here at Skedaddle, we know exactly what your property needs, and how to install products that will withstand Victoria’s cold winters and warm summers.

What You Should Know About Invasive Bird Species in Victoria

Just because a bird is common in British Columbia doesn’t mean that it belongs here. For example, rock pigeons, house sparrows, and starlings all rank among the top 20 most common bird species in the province. However, they are invasive species, meaning that they are nonnative and their presence has an adverse effect on native wildlife.

Invasive species were brought to North America by humans. Sometimes it was intentional, and other times the birds may have been brought accidentally through international trade. However, they got here one way or another and they made their way to British Columbia, where they started reproducing unchecked and competing with native bird species.

Starlings are found throughout Vancouver Island and are present year-round. Rock pigeons are present in British Columbia year-round, but they are found almost exclusively in urban areas such as Victoria. These two species create problems for business and homeowners throughout Victoria every year, and once one flies away there is always another to take its place.

Why You Need Bird Removal Services

Once birds have nested on a property, they are capable of creating costly damage to ventilation systems and building materials. Acidic bird droppings can permanently stain sidewalks, brick, siding and stucco, and all cleaning must be done with proper protective equipment. When disturbed small pieces of bird droppings can become airborne and if inhaled can lead to health problems. Skedaddle technicians come prepared with the proper protective equipment needed to safely clear and clean every trace of birds and their droppings.

We are committed to humane wildlife removal in compliance with all applicable laws. If you have birds on your property, Contact Us for an assessment and a plan of action you can trust.

Skedaddle technician holds bird in hand

Bird Facts in Victoria


All three birds that commonly take up residence in homes are potential carriers of the pathogens that cause salmonellosis and cryptococcosis. These illnesses are transmitted through the birds’ excretions. Effective wildlife control includes cleaning and clearing contaminated areas to ensure the home is again a safe environment.


Birds like to build nests in vents and chimneys because the hot air escaping helps keep them warm. Nesting materials can start a fire if exposed to high temperatures, and nests blocking vents or flues can cause poisonous carbon monoxide to build up in your home.


There are 593 documented bird species in British Columbia. Of these species, pigeons, starlings and seagulls are amongst the most common nuisance bird species found in Victoria.


Starlings are an invasive species to North America. In 1890 approximately 100 starlings were released in New York City by a Shakeaspear enthusiast named Eugene Schieffelin.


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