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Protect Your Home This Summer With Bird Deterrent Products

Wild birds cause damage to people’s properties, yards and homes that measures in the hundreds of dollars each year. Some of the more common wild birds that can cause damage to a homeowners home or property are pigeons, crows, swallows and sparrows. You can attempt to rid these visitors by utilizing some DIY bird control, though this could prove to be more expensive. There are several types of bird control products out there, though all of them belong to one of roughly three different categories.

Physical Deterrents

These are products that represent a type of bird control designed to prevent birds from landing into and roosting in an area. Examples of such products include bird spikes, bird repellers and bird netting. Bird spikes are simple to use and help with keeping seagulls and pigeons off your home. They are screwed or glued to the peaks and edge line of your roof to keep them off. Bird repellers “sweep” birds away with rotating “arms” and can be solar powered with rechargeable batteries. Similarly, bird netting can be used to exclude birds from areas such as under the eaves of your home.


Professional screen installation is highly recommended.

Visual Deterrents

Visual deterrents are products that generate a visual distraction in order to motivate the birds to fly away in fear. One example of an inexpensive and very simple visual deterrent is flash tape, which can be used in garden areas to keep birds away from seeds and plants. Other scare tactics that irritate wild birds include diverters and balloons, which are designed with a “mock” predator eye design that drives birds away.

Sound Deterrents

As the name implies, sound deterrents use audio noises to motivate the wild birds to go away. These products are usually designed to play intervals of predator and distress calls, which trigger the birds’ instincts to danger. If opting for one such product, remember to choose a sonic sound unit that is made specifically for outdoor use, is waterproof and also easy to program. Some brands of sound deterrents even come with more than 20 different species of birds programmed into them. Observe which birds are plaguing your property or home and choose a sound unit accordingly.

Installed Screen

Ensure even the hard to get to areas are protected.

DIY Protection Has Failed? It’s Time To Consult The Professionals At Skedaddle

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is a company that has more than 20 years of experience solving various types of bird infestation problems. More than 200,000 satisfied homeowners can attest to the company’s success rate and effectiveness, which is all the more reason to consider hiring them. A particular thing to keep in mind is that Skedaddle focuses on and specializes in humane removal methods and techniques, meaning technicians always put in extra effort to exclude wild birds gently and without causing too much stress to them.

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