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How to Get Rid of Squirrels

The first step to getting rid of the squirrels in your attic is to determine how they are coming and going. Once you know how they have got it in, you can begin the removal and repair process. During the birthing season, this begins with a complete search of your attic for babies. It is important to remember that baby squirrels do not exit the den site until eight weeks of age. That means the only way they can be removed is by hand.

Locating baby squirrels can be tricky. To protect them from predators, their mother will have been sure to tuck the babies away in a hard reach place. This will require wading through itchy fibreglass in the dark to locate their exact position.

Keep in mind:

  • Attics are extremely dusty, so you should always wear a dust mask before entering any attic.
  • Heat stress. Attics temperatures during spring and summer can soar to over 45 degrees Celsius. Make sure to hydrate well and take frequent breaks.
  • Watch your step. Make sure your weight is always on a floor joist. Stepping off of the joists could cause you to fall through the ceiling.
  • Most attics have no lights, so you will need a flashlight to guide you.


Baby squirrels removed from an attic
Baby squirrels removed from an attic

The search should begin in the areas where the most activity has been heard as they are where the babies are most likely to be stashed. Mother squirrels can be extremely aggressive, especially when it comes to their babies. They may charge or attack if they feel threatened.





Baby squirrels
Baby squirrels

Skedaddle wildlife technicians are trained to scare mother squirrels out from the attic as we collect the babies. If the mother retreats to another part of the attic or refuses to vacate, we will use her babies to lure her from the attic. Mother squirrels have a strong maternal instinct and by placing the litter in a heated baby box on the outside we can be sure to attract the mother out of the attic.



A mother squirrel relocating one of her babies
A mother squirrel relocating one of her babies

To prevent the mother from turning around and re-entering the attic a one-way door is installed over the exit point. Skedaddle’s squirrel one-way doors are specifically designed to allow the adults to exit their den sites while locking them out in the process. The mother squirrel will then begin to relocate her babies one by one to a pre-established alternate den site.  For security, squirrels maintain as many as five to ten alternate den sites at any given time. It won’t be long before they are all settled in again elsewhere in the neighbourhood. We then deodorize the attic and the entry point so that the other squirrels in the area won’t recognize it as a place to live.


As part of any removal process it is important to secure any other potential points of entry. It is impossible to get rid of the all the squirrels in your neighbourhood, but you can protect your home from invasion. Skedaddle technicians are trained to identify and squirrel proof all potential access points on your home. Click here to learn more about how Skedaddle can humanely protect your home from squirrel invaders.