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How to Keep Squirrels Out of Your House

Urban wildlife and in particular squirrels are a firmly entrenched in most cities and towns. Understanding that squirrels are part of the urban landscape is an important part of proper wildlife and pest management. Physical exclusion and prevention is the best to way to protect a home from would be squirrel intruders.

A wall vent cover protected from squirrel entry
A wall vent cover protected from squirrel entry

Once we understand How Squirrels Get into Houses, we can begin to take steps to keep them out. As part of the Skedaddle process we will fully inspect your home and detail all potential squirrel entry points. Our technicians then get to work protecting your home by installing 16 gauge galvanized steel wire over top of potential entry points. Skedaddle professionally protects roof and wall vent covers, chimneys, soffits and other any other openings to keep your home safe.

Our screening does not rust and cannot be pulled off or chewed through by squirrels. We also perform minor roof repair and replace shingles to prevent water damage. We guarantee all of our workmanship and materials for up to 5 years. Skedaddle is your trusted and humane option.




Things You Can Do

Inspect and Maintain Your Roof Regularly

Squirrels prefer den sites that are well above ground. When squirrels get into homes, the entry point is most often found on the roof. The roof edge, where ice and water tend to gather, is a particularly vulnerable point due to rot. Inspecting your roof before and after winter will help you to identify any potential problems. Minor problems discovered in the fall can turn into major repairs after a Canadian winter.

Be sure to keep your gutter clean to allow for proper drainage and trim back tree limbs and vegetation that extends over the roof. Tree limbs not only provide easy roof access for squirrels they can accelerate roof rot. When replacing your roof, make sure to cover exposed fascia and roof boards with sheet metal and have a drip-edge installed. These measures will prevent

Don’t Feed the Squirrels

Squirrels will find plenty to eat on their own and do not need a helping hand from humans. Squirrels will continue to return to food source and well-fed squirrels will live longer and produce larger litters in your neighbourhood. With an increased squirrel population, more den sites are required and that puts your home at greater risk for intrusion.

It is also important to limit indirect sources of food on your property. Squirrels are omnivores and will chew holes in unprotected garbage bags to find a meal. Unprotected bird feeders are also a target for squirrels as are the seeds that fall to the ground. Be sure squirrel proof any bird feeders on your property and regularly clean up seed that finds it way on to the ground below.