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Assess and Remove

You can’t resolve a mouse problem if you don’t know how they’re getting in. We begin with a thorough 50 point inspection of your home’s exterior and interior to identify all mouse entry points. We then remove the mice using expertly installed one-way doors that allow the mice to leave for food but prevent them from getting back in.

clear and clean

Clear and Clean

Mice are messy, leaving droppings and urine behind wherever they go. Skedaddle offers cleaning and sanitizing services to safely remove harmful mouse droppings and contaminated building materials to return your home to a liveable state.


Prevent and Protect

The results from our initial home inspection will provide us with a full understanding of what areas of your home needs to be sealed against future mice infestations. Our wildlife technicians will use professional grade wildlife exclusion materials to prevent any possible re-entry and keep mice out.



Mice Removal In Oshawa

Navigating the complex ecosystem that is your Oshawa home or business, tiny houseguests known as mice can create big problems. For those living in the serene districts of Oshawa, it may come as no surprise that these rodents are a common and persistent issue.

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control specializes in mice removal in Oshawa, offering a humane yet strategic approach to handling these rodents. They have been safeguarding this area’s spaces for years, ensuring that mice and other animals find harmonious alternative homes outside of your walls.

More Than A Simple City

Oshawa is not just another city; it is a vibrant community with a rich history and a bright future. Situated on the shores of Lake Ontario, this city offers a unique blend of urban living and natural beauty. With its bustling downtown core, expansive parks, and cultural institutions, life here is dynamic and full of opportunities. Residents enjoy access to top-notch educational facilities, a thriving arts scene, and a variety of recreational activities. Here are some interesting facts and information about the area that showcase its distinct character:

Oshawa is home to the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT), Durham College, and Trent University Durham, making it a center for higher education and research.

Often referred to as the automotive capital of Canada, it houses General Motors Canada’s headquarters, playing a pivotal role in the country’s automotive industry.

Oshawa has a rich cultural and historical scene. Discover venues like the Robert McLaughlin Gallery with over 4,000 artworks and the busy Oshawa Centre, the biggest shopping spot in the Durham Region. Dive into history at the Parkwood National Historic Site, the former home of auto magnate R.S. McLaughlin, for a peek into Canada’s car legacy.

With its scenic location on Lake Ontario, the city has beautiful parks and trails, including the Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens and the waterfront trail. The blend of urban and natural elements, combined with its thriving community life, makes it a truly special place to live, work, and play.

Common Issues Caused by Mice and Their Solutions

While small, these rodents can create a multitude of issues for both homeowners and business operators. Their presence can lead to:

Health Risks: They can carry diseases and parasites that pose serious health risks to humans, such as Hantavirus, Salmonella, and Lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV).

Property Damage: They have a penchant for gnawing on a variety of materials, endangering electrical wiring, insulation, and even structural components of buildings, potentially causing fires or significant structural damage.

Food Contamination: These rodents can contaminate food supplies and preparation areas through their droppings, urine, and fur, leading to foodborne illnesses.

Unpleasant Odours: The presence of these rodents often results in unpleasant smells from their urine and droppings, which can be especially problematic for businesses that need to maintain a clean and inviting environment.

Noise Disturbance: Their nocturnal activities can cause unsettling noises in the walls and ceilings, disturbing the peace of a home or business environment.

If you find yourself facing any of these distressing problems around your home or business, it’s crucial to act swiftly to mitigate the risks. Contacting Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is a proactive step towards resolving these issues effectively. With our expertise in wildlife control in Oshawa, we ensure that your concerns are addressed promptly and humanely, restoring peace and safety to your environment.

However, preventing these rodents from invading your home or business is essential for maintaining a safe and healthy environment. Here are some proactive measures on how to get rid of mice:

Seal Entry Points: Conduct a thorough inspection of your property to identify and seal any cracks, holes, or gaps in the exterior walls, foundation, and around doors and windows. They can squeeze through openings as small as a dime.

Maintain Cleanliness: Reduce food and water sources by keeping kitchen areas clean, storing food in sealed containers, and managing garbage effectively with secure lids.

Clear Outside Debris: Regularly eliminate clutter and debris near your property, as these can provide shelter for them. Keep shrubs and branches trimmed away from the structure.

Use Rodent-Proof Storage: Businesses, especially those in the food service industry, use rodent-proof containers for food storage and disposal to prevent attracting these rodents.

By taking these preventive steps, home and business owners can significantly reduce the likelihood of a mouse infestation, ensuring their properties remain safe and healthy for everyone.

Skedaddle‘s Professional Mice Removal In Oshawa

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control offers comprehensive mice removal services that go beyond merely trapping and removing the animals. We understand the critical importance of addressing not only the current infestation but also preventing future invasions. We utilize a three-step process developed over years of expertise in wildlife control.

The first step involves a thorough inspection of your home or business premises. Our trained professionals identify signs of mouse activity, potential entry points, and areas of damage. This detailed evaluation helps in formulating a strategic removal and prevention plan tailored to your specific situation.

Using humane and effective methods, we then focus on safely removing the animals from your property. Our approach ensures that they are not harmed during the process, reflecting our commitment to animal welfare as well as solving the problem at hand.

Perhaps the most critical phase, we implement measures to prevent them from returning. This includes sealing off entry points identified during the assessment stage and advising property owners on best practices for deterring mice in the future. Education on maintaining a less attractive environment for these animals plays a key role in keeping your property rodent-free.

Skedaddle’s professional approach is not only about removing the current threats but also ensuring your home or business remains safe and healthy by preventing future infestations. Our expert team is equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to restore peace of mind to residents troubled by mice.

Coexist With Mice Harmoniously

These rodents may be resilient, but with a humane and strategic approach to removal, they need not be inescapable. Skedaddle is your partner in Oshawa, with a mission to provide long-lasting solutions that consider both the homeowner and the rodents.

The Oshawa envisioned by Skedaddle is one where each citizen lives in harmony with the wildlife that shares our landscape, and where conflicts are resolved with compassion and expertise. With our comprehensive and effective wildlife removal in Oshawa, the quiet tranquillity of the night need no longer be interrupted by the scurrying of uninvited guests.

For those who wish to return their lives to a state of untroubled comfort or wish to maintain the peace they’ve worked so hard to establish, Skedaddle stands ready to lead the way. Allow us to chart a course to a future where even the smallest citizens can contribute to the ongoing tale of urban coexistence, with kindness and care.


Mouse Facts


Mice have an extraordinary sense of smell, which they use to locate food and detect danger.


Some mice can scale vertical surfaces or jump up to 18 inches high, showcasing their acrobatic prowess.


Night Owls are nocturnal, meaning they’re most active at night when searching for food, using their sharp senses to navigate.


A female mouse can give birth to up to 10 litters a year, each litter consisting of 4-12 pups.


Mice use their long tails for more than just looks; these tails help them with balance and communicating with other mice.


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