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Assess and Remove

Our comprehensive 50 point home inspection is designed to determine squirrel entry points and home damage. The attic is a common den site for squirrels where they gain accessing by chewing holes or slipping in between building materials. We then use hands-on removal techniques to humanely evict the squirrels. We start by performing a comprehensive inspection of your home and use hands-on techniques to humanely remove unwanted home guests.

clear and clean

Clear and Clean

Squirrels are notorious for creating large, messy nests within their den site and causing damage through chewing. Skedaddle will thoroughly clear away any nesting material and debris from the den and clean up the mess left behind. We can also replace soiled insulation and damaged ductwork if required.
Then we go where the animals go to clear and clean the mess they’ve left behind.


Prevent and Protect

Our final step is making sure your home is protected, not only against the current intruders, but all the other squirrels in your neighbourhood. To keep them out we will secure the entry points we identified, as well any other potential vulnerabilities.We identify potential points of entry and secure them to prevent future infestation. We offer a lifetime guarantee against re-entry on any serviced areas.


Experience the joys of Prince George’s County, a place with abundant green spaces and ample opportunities for outdoor adventures. However, amidst the beauty of nature, and urban sprawl, there are also potential concerns. One of them is the frequency of squirrel encounters in the area, which has been on the rise.

Squirrels, cute and furry as they are, can wreak havoc with significant property damage and the spread of diseases. Whether you’re a resident or business owner, you don’t have to deal with these furry creatures alone. There are ways to combat the issue and get back to enjoying all that Prince George’s County has to offer.

If you are dealing with squirrels on your property, turn to the experts at Skedaddle for humane wildlife removal.

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Several Species Of Squirrels in Prince George’s County

Prince George’s County, Maryland is home to several species of squirrels, each one unique in its appearance and behavior. Among them are the eastern gray squirrel, the fox squirrel, and the southern flying squirrel. The eastern gray squirrel is the county’s most common and recognizable squirrel, with its bushy tail and gray fur. The fox squirrel, on the other hand, is larger and has reddish-brown fur, making it easy to spot. The southern flying squirrel is much smaller and has a distinctive flap of skin that allows it to glide from tree to tree.

Despite their differences in appearance and behavior, all of these adorable squirrels, with their bushy tails and nimble movements, contribute to the vibrant wildlife of PG County. As they scurry through the trees and gather nuts, these charming creatures add an extra touch of natural beauty to the already picturesque area, captivating the hearts of residents and visitors alike.

Health Concerns Squirrels Can Create

Squirrels are undoubtedly charming creatures with their agile and playful behavior on trees, making them quite a delight to watch. However, if squirrels invade your home, the consequences can be disastrous. Even one squirrel can easily transform into an entire infestation, causing extensive damage to your property. Their relentless gnawing on walls, wires, insulation, and furniture not only causes extensive damage but also leaves you with a hefty repair and replacement bill that can put a dent in your wallet. It’s crucial to address this issue promptly to prevent further destruction and safeguard your home from these intruders.

Furthermore, these rodents can pose a significant safety risk to your family as they are known to carry various diseases and parasites.

Some of the diseases that squirrels carry include salmonellosis, leptospirosis, and tularemia. When squirrels get into our homes, they can bring these diseases with them and spread them through their droppings and urine. This is particularly dangerous for families with small children, the elderly, or those with weakened immune systems. Therefore, it is imperative to get rid of squirrels as soon as you suspect an infestation to keep your home safe and damage-free.

When To Call Skedaddle For Squirrel Removal

As soon as you see the first sign of a squirrel infestation in your PG County home, it’s vital to act fast and call in the professionals at Skedaddle. With over 30 years of experience in squirrel removal, our expert team knows how to handle any situation. We prioritize the safety of both your family and the animals, ensuring that everyone involved is out of harm’s way.

At Skedaddle, we understand how frustrating it can be to have squirrels infiltrate your home. That’s why our technicians start with a comprehensive assessment of your property to determine the extent of the issue. Throughout the removal process, our professional team keeps homeowners informed, providing transparency and reassurance every step of the way.

Once all squirrels have been safely and humanely removed, we don’t stop there. We provide a thorough cleaning and disinfecting service to ensure that no areas of concern are left behind. In addition, our restoration services are available to address any damage that may have been done to your home by the squirrels. We take prevention seriously and offer a lifetime guarantee against re-entry in any serviced area.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at the first indication of a squirrel infestation. You can rest assured knowing that our dedicated team will restore your home to its original condition, free from any wildlife disturbances.


Squirrel Facts


There are five different species in Maryland. Red squirrels, Eastern gray squirrels, Southern flying squirrels, Eastern fox squirrel and the Delmarva fox squirrel. The most common species you will spot in the county is the Eastern gray squirrel.


Squirrels can leap 10 times their body length and turn their ankles 180 degrees to face any direction when climbing. This allows them to climb at a 90 degree angle along brick and siding materials to gain access to the roof of a building.


Squirrel teeth never stop growing. They will constantly gnaw on hard surfaces to keep this growth in check, damaging electrical wires and interior and exterior materials.


A female squirrel usually gives birth to two litters each year. The first litters arrive in early spring and the second by mid summer. Each litter contains an average of two and six kits.


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