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Assess and Remove

Our comprehensive 50 point home inspection is designed to determine squirrel entry points and home damage. The attic is a common den site for squirrels where they gain accessing by chewing holes or slipping in between building materials. We then use hands-on removal techniques to humanely evict the squirrels.

clear and clean

Clear and Clean

Squirrels are notorious for creating large, messy nests within their den site and causing damage through chewing. Skedaddle will thoroughly clear away any nesting material and debris from the den and clean up the mess left behind. We can also replace soiled insulation and damaged ductwork if required.


Prevent and Protect

Our final step is making sure your home is protected, not only against the current intruders, but all the other squirrels in your neighbourhood. To keep them out we will secure the entry points we identified, as well any other potential vulnerabilities.



When I called to book an inspection, I was given a quick booking time. James M came within the window of time, called ahead and was professional upon arrival. He was able to assess the property and give me a plan of action! He was able to provide great solutions to the problem! I would recommend!

Julie Riegert

Squirrels in Thornhill

Squirrels are abundant in urban environments. They have adapted well to living among the hustle and bustle of human society. As long as they have access to food and shelter, these little rodents can survive in almost any environment. There are species of tree, ground and flying squirrels that call Ontario home, but it is the tree squirrel you are most likely to see in Thornhill.

Observing these animals as they scamper through the trees and on the ground can be amusing but discovering them in your home is no laughing matter. Squirrels can do a significant amount of damage, and they aren’t easy to remove. Skedaddle technicians have the skills and expertise to ensure the safe and humane eviction of any squirrel that makes its way into your attic. We also take steps to make certain they do not return in the future.

Thornhill has two species of squirrels that are prevalent in our community: the grey squirrel and the red squirrel. They are both active throughout the year, though you’ll see more action from them in the warmer months. In the winter, they prefer to stay inside their nests as much as possible, keeping warm and dry. When the weather warms up enough, you’ll see them out digging for their buried edible treasures.

Squirrels are industrious and clever. They have little difficulty finding a way into a convenient attic if they’ve determined that it is the best location for them to shelter. Unfortunately, they have the ability, and the need, to gnaw on hard surfaces, so they can do a lot of structural damage. They carry diseases such as ringworm and typhus. They can also have ticks that may find their way to human or pet hosts. While squirrels don’t typically bite people, they will if they feel threatened. Trying to remove a squirrel without the right training can result in injury and illness, so it is best to get professionals to help with the task.

Squirrel Facts


Squirrels use their powerful sense of smell to locate the food they’ve buried. Some species can pick up the scent of nuts under 30 centimetres of snow!


The red squirrel is very territorial and will defend its turf against all others, including females.


Everybody knows that squirrels bury their food, but sometimes they pull a fast one and only pretend to do so in an effort to trick another squirrel.


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