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Assess and Remove

Our comprehensive 50 point home inspection is designed to determine squirrel entry points and home damage. The attic is a common den site for squirrels where they gain accessing by chewing holes or slipping in between building materials. We then use hands-on removal techniques to humanely evict the squirrels.

clear and clean

Clear and Clean

Squirrels are notorious for creating large, messy nests within their den site and causing damage through chewing. Skedaddle will thoroughly clear away any nesting material and debris from the den and clean up the mess left behind. We can also replace soiled insulation and damaged ductwork if required.


Prevent and Protect

Our final step is making sure your home is protected, not only against the current intruders, but all the other squirrels in your neighbourhood. To keep them out we will secure the entry points we identified, as well any other potential vulnerabilities.



When I called to book an inspection, I was given a quick booking time. James M came within the window of time, called ahead and was professional upon arrival. He was able to assess the property and give me a plan of action! He was able to provide great solutions to the problem! I would recommend!

Julie Riegert

Squirrels in Whitchurch-Stouffville

Although the main perk of living in Whitchurch-Stouffville is country life close to the city, you don’t want wildlife you enjoy watching from a distance to invade your home. Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control understands that a firm boundary between yourself and the squirrels in your yard is important, and helps you deal with situations that occur when that boundary blurs. Some homeowners are fond of watching its antics, while others consider it a bird feeder-raiding nuisance.

Squirrels prefer nesting in tree cavities over locations on branches, but there are not enough tree holes to go around. When a female squirrel sees eaves, soffits, or an opening into your attic, they at times mistake them for natural openings and seize the opportunity to build their nests inside.

When you call Skedaddle, a friendly technician will listen to your complaints about the squirrels on your property and set up a time to conduct a thorough inspection. Once our boots are on the ground, we will identify the type of squirrel that is entering your home, find its entryways, and assess any damage it has caused.

After determining how the animals are getting in, we will present our findings and recommend a treatment plan to remove squirrels and keep them from returning. You can rest assured that we do not use traps or poisons, and that we will treat the animals humanely. Once your attic is squirrel-free, we will clean and decontaminate the area.

Four species of squirrels are native to Ontario: eastern gray squirrel, red squirrel, flying squirrel, and chipmunk. All are members of the rodent family and make their living by eating nuts, fruit, and insects. Chipmunks experience intermittent periods of hibernation during winter, but the other three species remain active year-round.

If you suspect squirrels are nesting in your attic, don’t take matters into your own hands. Contact us or fill out our online form today.

Squirrel Facts


Squirrels have two mating seasons that last from January to February and from May to June each year.


During mating seasons females use twigs and leaves to weave nests called dreys. They often make more than one nest, and use the spares in case one becomes damaged or infested with insects.


The largest common squirrel in Whitchurch-Stouffville is the eastern gray squirrel.


Squirrels carry serious diseases such as tularemia, typhus, and ringworm.


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