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Do it yourself measures that don’t work

Bird ControlSealing vents completely prevents proper air flow

Complex wildlife problems often require complex and labour intensive solutions. While quick and inexpensive forms of bird control may prove successful over the short-term they often fail in the long run.

  • Owl Decoys – a predator lookalike used to scare other birds away. These decoys may have success initially, but birds quickly learn to ignore threats that are not real.
  • Ultra Sonic Sounds– devices that emit sounds at frequencies designed to frighten or disorient birds. These products do not represent a threat because birds are incapable of hearing ultrasound (>20 kHz) (Beason 2004).
  • Audio Repellants – devices that produce noises designed to repel birds by mimicking the sounds of predators. In the short term birds may respond to noise cues however, without a real threat from predators birds will ultimately ignore such sounds.

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