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Avoid Bed Bugs! Why? Here Are Facts about these Insects That You Ought to Know

Bed bugs are found in different parts of the world. You might not know it but your bed may be infested by these miniature creatures. Knowing the facts about these bugs can help you get rid of them.

Have you ever felt like something is biting you whenever you sleep but you just don’t know what it was?Have you also experienced losing sleep because you simply kept on scratching the whole night through? These are just some of the warning signs of a bed bug infestation. In fact, you might not know it but bed bugs can even travel a hundred miles!

Here are some amazing facts about these little creatures:

  • A bed bug is really very small. They are flat shaped and are known parasites. This means that they feed on humans or animals whenever the latter are sleeping. That is why you would feel the itchy all over at night, hindering you to achieve that much needed rest.
  • Whether the surroundings are clean or not, these little bugs can thrive. Unlike other insects that prefer musty and dirty areas, these bugs don’t care whether you have cleaned your room about an hour ago, or about a week ago. Whether your room is clean or not, as long as you sleep on your bed every day, a bed bug will be very happy. After all, the only thing it needs is your blood.
  • They don’t spread disease. Contrary to popular belief that anything that feeds on blood is a disease carrier is actually not applicable to a bed bug. So don’t worry if you get bitten by this bug, you would not be contracting any disease. Of course, this does not mean that you will no longer care about its presence. In fact, once you’re bitten and you can ascertain that a bed bug is the culprit behind the bite, it is imperative for you to seek the help of pest control services. These bugs can spread rapidly and might even spread to other areas of your home.
  • These bugs travel in style. A bed bug is considered as a very good hitchhiker. It means that it won’t be able to go far distances on its own; rather, it needs somebody, usually a human being, to bring it to another place. One common example is a hotel guest who leaves the hotel where the bed is infested by these bugs. Unbeknownst to the guest, a bed bug has climbed on board one of its clothes and made its way inside his luggage. So if the guest would be going back to Europe, then the bed bug has surely traveled far. What’s worse, it may start an infestation in the guest’s very own home.
  • A bed bug leaves signs. If you are worried about a possible bed bug infestation, try to look for signs. These include exoskeletons of a bed bug, finding one tiny bug in sheets/mattresses, a musty odor, and blood spots that have a rusty color. These are signs that there might be a bug in your home.

If your problem is a bed bug, better call professional services right away, just like what we offer at Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. We can provide you truly effective methods that will get rid of these bugs. Don’t wait for these bugs to increase in number as it will make it more difficult to completely eradicate them from your home