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Raccoon Removal Services Rise as the Cute Scavengers Trouble Urban Neighborhoods Worldwide

“Raccoons are going to take over the earth” comments Sarah Goodyear, after seeing the PBS documentary Raccoon Nation, which explains how raccoons are adapting to the complexities of urban living. Instead of being deterred by modern obstacles, raccoons have risen … Continue reading

Why Have a Rodent Control Service handle Industrial Facility Work

The British Broadcasting Corp. currently has its hands full with a rodent infestation at the company’s new home – Broadcasting House in Portland Place, London. The company transferred its TV operations to the building upon finishing its nearly 53-year run … Continue reading

A Costly Way of Getting Rid of Mice: Missing a Pest Inspection Before Buying a House

When watching a typical Tom and Jerry episode, some people root for Jerry. In real life, however, mice aren’t exactly held in high esteem. Take this Winnipeg woman’s mouse problem, for example. In 2012, CBC News reported that the million-dollar … Continue reading

Getting Rid of Rodents in Canada: The Fight Against Rats and Mice Continues to Concern Homeowners

In the 1950s, an aggressive rat control program was implemented in Alberta, eventually leading to the province’s “rat-free” status for several years. But that soon ended when a colony of brown rats was discovered in a landfill in Medicine Hat … Continue reading

Food and Rats Don’t Mix: On Rodent Control and the Food Industry’s War On Rats

Last April 2013, bbc.co.uk reported that the owner of a French diner in Edinburgh was fined after health inspectors found a dead, decaying rat in his kitchen just by the food preparation station. The owner, reportedly, had already received two … Continue reading