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How Raccoons Get Into Your Attic

This video was shot by one of our technicians while performing a raccoon removal from an attic in Brampton. As part of Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control’s proven removal and exclusion process, we are always sure to inspect your attic. In … Continue reading

Why Squirrels Are Awesome!

Today is Squirrel Appreciation Day across the globe. Being in the business we are in, we see and appreciate squirrels on a daily basis. It’s at times a difficult relationship — often one of eviction and damage — but it’s … Continue reading

How to Humanely Get Raccoons out of your Attic

This video was shot by one of our wildlife technicians last spring during a raccoon removal. The homeowner had been hearing strange and heavy sounds coming from her attic for several weeks and suspected that she had uninvited guests. She … Continue reading

How to tell if you have mice in the attic

It’s not always easy to tell what might be making sounds inside your attic, especially when it comes to mice. Their chewing, scratching and scampering are often mistaken for the sounds of larger animals. Mouse activity on bare ceiling drywall … Continue reading