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Why You Should Choose Humane Wildlife Control

When the worlds of animals and humans begin to clash, the need for animal removal services arises. These services focus on ensuring that human habitations remain free of wildlife animals. But many of these services are helping to exacerbate the … Continue reading

Grey Squirrels: Your Questions About Them Answered

The Eastern Grey Squirrel, which goes by the scientific name Sciurus Carolinensis, or the common names Bannertail or Silvertail, is one of the species that is very popular in Canada. In fact, of the 22 squirrel species living in Canada, … Continue reading

Debunking Myths About Rats Plus Expert Removal Advice

Rodents have gotten a bad reputation over the years, leading to a situation today where just the mention of the word Rat sends a wave of panic through some people. Just the suspicion that a rat may be present in … Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know About Squirrels

People often confuse squirrels for their very near cousins chipmunks. Both animals are furry, bushy-tailed, nut-eating foragers that belong to the same animal class. But if they could talk they’d yell ‘Hey we’re no chipmunks!” In fact, the behaviour of … Continue reading

Keeping Wildlife At A Distance This Summer While Camping

Camping is a fun way to get some exercise and unwind while getting some fresh air into your system. This age-old practice is one that, when done properly, reflects the unity between humans and nature. Ontario has thousands of options … Continue reading