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8 signs you have squirrels in the attic

Squirrel damage is one of the worst for houses or buildings. The rodent constantly chews. A squirrel’s teeth are always growing so they need to chomp on hard objects to keep them sharp and trim. That’s why we see squirrels munching on sticks, bark or wood.

However, if there’s a squirrel infestation in your home they can chew on all sorts of things. Wooden beams in the attic, electrical wires and anything they else they can get to. This sort of damage can be destructive to a building. The depletion of structural wooden beams can result in the collapse of the roof or walls. Chewing through electrical wires can start a fire and burn down you home. This is why early detection of squirrels nesting in your attic, chimney or walls is crucial.


Squirrel damage: chewed wood and trampled attic insulation.

Here are eight signs you have squirrels in your house.

  1. Scratching, chewing or rustling sounds from the attic or walls. This can usually be heard in the morning or evening when squirrels are in the nest.
  1. A disgusting smell. Their droppings and urine will start to stink if not properly cleaned. The nest will take on a musty or stale odour.
  1. Visual of actual droppings. Along with smell, seeing feces is a good indicator. However, make sure you have the right animal. Squirrel poop looks similar to a lot of other animals.
  1. Nests on your property. Squirrels usually have several homes in a close proximity.
  1. Seeing lots of squirrel activity. Runnings along utility lines, fences or roof. Watch and see if they get into the attic or chimney.
  1. Destruction in the yard. They will often dig small holes, chew bark or eat plants. Destroy birdfeeders.
  1. Fighting squirrels. This is a good indication the population has become too large to support additional squirrels.
  1. Damage to your home. Holes in the siding, soffits or vents. Chewed wires, insulation damage or evidence of a nest.

Squirrel chewing on a plastic roof vent to access an attic.

If you discover any of these signs and suspect a squirrel infestation contact your local wildlife removal service. For Mississauga wildlife removal, reach out to Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control.

We will safely remove any nests, repair points of entry to prevent future visitors and clean up any harmful messes left behind.

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