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When to call wildlife removal professional

It’s always tempting to do things yourself. Mainly because it’s cheaper. But, wildlife removal needs to be taken seriously and a in many cases it takes a professional to get the job right and safe.

Do it yourself wildlife removal is troublesome

Online there are tons and tons of different do it yourself solutions for a range of pest infestations. Many sound easy or possible. But, untrained individuals can get into a lot of trouble if they fail take into consideration wildlife biology and home construction.

In many cases homeowners can end up locking mother’s away from their babies or orphaning the babies in hard to reach places in the attic. In either scenario you could do further damage to your home or prolong the infestation longer than needed.


Raccoon damage to roof shingles.

It’s also important to be humane. Trapping doesn’t work. You’re putting animals at risk if you’re moving them out of their environment. Poisoning them is awful. Who really wants to kill an innocent animal?

Not only are you putting different species at risk, but you’re also in danger of getting injured or sick yourself. Getting between a mother and her babies could end up with an angry critter. They can attack causing harm to you or your family. Wild animals carry many different diseases. Little knowledge of symptoms could be fatal. Realistically we’re looking to keep wildlife and yourself safe.

Dangers of DIY pest removal

  • Animal attacks.
  • Diseases such as rabies, salmonella, hantavirus.
  • Not properly sanitizing can leave airborne bacteria and parasites.
  • Improperly repairing points of entry allowing for re-entry.
  • Locking animals in or out from their babies.
  • Harming the population or development of a species.

When should you call wildlife removal professionals?

Every time you discover evidence of infestation or pests the problems can quickly get out of control. Mice rapidly breed. Squirrels gnaw on electrical wires and wooden beams. Bats carry disease contaminating the air in your home. It’s best to get on these problems as fast as possible. Common signs of infestation include regular sightings, strange smells or sounds and damage to home. If you detect any of these it can mean there’s wild animals living somewhere on your property.


It takes a seasoned professionally to humanely remove raccoon babies and reunite them with their mother.

There are many reasons to call a wildlife removal service

  • They deal with these issues every day and know how to properly contain them. Get the benefit of their years of practice.
  • Proper tools and equipment. This makes sure repairs and sanitation are done properly from the start.
  • Humane methods. Professionals always know the best way to protect you and animals.
  • They have the necessary protective gear to safely remove wildlife and prevent e-entry; even from heights.

Waterloo wildlife removal

Next time you see evidence of pests in your home don’t take it into your own hands. Although it might be tempting it almost guarantees injury, health risk or further infestation. For proper removal of animals contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control.

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