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Animals in the Wild: Coyote Population Growing in Ontario

Residents in Ontario’s cities have become alarmed in the last few months as coyotes have been making their appearance in territories they’ve never been seen in before.

Today’s Adaptable Wildlife

Coyotes, like many other modern wildlife species are becoming more and more comfortable in human surroundings. They have developed survival skills that have allowed them to adapt to urban and rural settings. This is the main reason Ontario’s residents have seen an increase in the number of coyotes roaming their neighbourhoods. Many have called on the authorities to implement wild animal control strategies to curb the situation.

Coyotes are not as aggressive as people think.

The Humane Choice

The recommendation from the authorities? Learn to coexist with these urbanized animals. Cities with green spaces are more likely to see these animals than those without. Wild animals that live in urban areas, including coyotes, will be attracted to these green spaces and will make these spaces their home. This means that when they’re not foraging this is where they’ll usually be.

How to Make it Work

You may be wondering how can human beings coexist with wild animals? Coyotes are one of the more elusive wildlife species. They are carnivorous and will do what it takes to survive, which often amounts to attacking small animals. Your domestic animals such as cats and dogs may well become targets.

The reality though, is that coyotes are not public enemy number one. In fact, the current situation only exists because human beings have been taking over so much of earth’s space that wild animals like coyotes simply have few and sometimes no options for habitat. And given Canada’s current wildlife dilemma with numerous species on a path towards extinction, aggressive extermination methods cannot be the answer. If you encounter a coyote, or any wild animal for that matter, keep your distance. If you respect the animals space there is less likely the chance of the animal feeling threatened. Don’t approach the animal and let it leave the area safely.

Keep Your Distance

Do not confront a wild coyote that shows up on your property. Keep your distance and do not try to force the animal off the property. Contact the authorities immediately.

Coyotes usually only go into urban areas in search of food.

Discourage Coyotes

A very practical way to keep a safe distance between you and coyotes is to ensure that your home does not attract them. Some of the things that you can do to reduce the attractions to coyotes are:

  • Monitor small children carefully especially when outdoors.
  • Store your pets’ food in closed environments (indoors).
  • Monitor and control your pets. Keep them indoors if possible and stay with them when outside.
  • Close garbage containers properly. Seal bags or bins shut and place them in enclosed areas, like a garage.
  • Keep your garage closed.
  • If you live in a farming area, protect your farm animals and plants with coyote proof fencing/barriers.

Get Help

Remember to contact the authorities whenever you sight a Coyote in inappropriate settings. Wild animal control teams will be dispatched to control the situation.

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