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Bat Control—Discover more about Professional Wildlife Removal

Bats are a creature found in many residential areas, having been seen flying around streetlights or even homes. Bats commonly take up residency within the attic area of a home as temperatures are consistent and the environment is conducive to resting as well as having bat babies. Homeowners often have no idea that bats are living in the attic space until it’s too late and the population has grown. Once bats are discovered, bat control services are essential to safely and humanely removing the creatures from your home. Wildlife specialists have the ability to remove the bats as well as their babies.

Bats finding their way into an attic through the gap between the soffit and the stone.

Assessment and Removal Plans

The technicians that specialize in wildlife control have the skill and experience to assess your home when a bat infestation occurs. The technician will conduct an assessment of your attic, finding entry and exit points as well as determining a plan of action. Bats control is essential when the creatures are found in the home as they can leave behind guano and urine in the insulation and wood work of the attic that can spread disease. The bat colony must be removed carefully along with carcasses so that your attic can be cleaned properly and restored if needed. There are several methods that can be used to humanely remove the bats from your home but the most reliable is through the use of one-way doors. It takes skill and experience to where and when to install one-way doors that allow bats to exit the home in search of food but prevent their re-entry.

Bat droppings inside an attic.

Clean Up

Once the bats have safely been removed from your home, the attic can be assessed. Contaminated materials such as insulation will need to be removed and replaced as they can pose a serious health risk to everyone in your home. This will also include any bat droppings. Cleaning and clearing methods will be advised by our technicians to ensure that your attic is in proper working order.

Prevention Methods

Once you have experienced a bat infestation in your home, you will want to avoid a similar situation. The next step in the bat control process is prevention. Prevention methods will ensure that bats do not have the ability to gain access to your home in the future. Any gaps or holes in the exterior of your home will need to be sealed. Bats have the ability to contort their body and enter even the tiniest of openings.

It may also be recommended that the bats found in your home be tested for rabies. You can contact your local Public Health Department and ask about testing. If you have been at risk for exposure to rabies, there are post-exposure rabies shots that will help fight the disease.

Overall, it is important to leave the bat control to the experts. At Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, we offer quality bat control services to help you take back control of your home. Our team of professional wildlife experts will assess your situation and create a plan of action to safely remove the bats and transport them to a new location, far from your home. Contact our office today if you are currently experiencing a bat infestation problem as we are happy to help!

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