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Humane Wildlife Control: Effective Squirrel Removal Techniques

There are many pests that often enter the home, such as mice, bats or squirrels. Each of these animals can be removed in a humane way as to not eradicate the population. Take for example squirrels. Squirrels are small animals that usually live in nests located in trees but often times find that the attic of a home is much more comfortable. Squirrels do not belong in the home but are a living breathing creature that deserves to thrive. This is why humane wildlife control is essential. The squirrel should be removed with humane squirrels removal techniques to ensure safety of the animal during the process. But how can this be done?

Red Squirrels gathering at a bird feeder.

Starting the Process

So you have noticed sounds or seen an influx of squirrels around your home? Perhaps the squirrels are living in your attic? It’s time to find out. Watch the squirrels to see if you can determine the entry and exit points, this will be essential to the removal process. Once you have observed the exterior of the home, time to go into the attic.

Squirrels have powerful teeth that allow them to chew through thin aluminum and sheet metal.

Squirrels will breed twice a year so it would not be rare for you to see baby squirrels in your attic space. Put on a dust mask before entering the attic and hydrate well as the space may be hot. Watch your step as you explore the attic to avoid stepping off any joists. Use a flashlight if no light is provided in the attic space.

Look for any babies. If you see the mother, be aware that she will be aggressive, especially if there are babies present. This process can be intimidating and is often time’s best left to the experts. A wildlife control expert knows how to scare off the mother squirrel and safely gather the babies.

Once the litter has been gathered we will place them inside a heated reunion box and place it outside the mother squirrel’s entry point. The mother squirrel will then exit the attic to be reunited with her babies and be locked out of the attic by our technicians. She can then relocate the babies to one of her other den sites in the area.

At Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, we specialize in squirrel removal. Not only do we fully assess your home and quickly remove the squirrels but we also provide prevention methods. Any entry points should be covered after the squirrels are removed to ensure other squirrels do not gain entry. Deodorization of the attic will need to take place so that other squirrels will not recognize the space as an area to live.

When you see an abundance of squirrels near your home and feel that an infestation might be present, never hesitate to contact our office. Our team of experts will be on hand in no time to assess the situation and provide immediate support for removal.

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