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Expert Animal Control Advice: Proper Disposal of Dead Mice

Mice present a common problem for a lot of homeowners. Since they are small, it is easy for them to find a way into your house through tiny openings and holes. They’ll climb ladders, walk across thin wires and can even come up through your toilet. It is pretty hard to stop these mighty rodents from entering your property, and it can be even more challenging to remove the dead ones. If you’re using mouse traps then you’ll have to be prepared to dispose of the rodent. It can be very unpleasant at first, but it will get easier once you learn to do it the right way. So, if you are sure that you will be able to handle the task without the help of professional animal control services, read on to learn about all the steps and directions below.

Disposing of a Dead Mouse

If you happen to run into a dead mouse, it is very important not to touch it with bare hands. Dead rodents can carry all sorts of bacteria and diseases that are easily transmitted to humans. Instead, find a pair of rubber gloves and a disinfectant like chlorine bleach. Add water to the disinfectant and spray the mouse and the area around it. After that, you should put the mouse in a plastic bag together with everything that was around it like feces or food. When you’re sealing the bag do not try to push out the air since that will only spread the bacteria. Get another plastic bag to put the sealed one in. After you throw everything in the trash wash and disinfect your hands and then remove the gloves and throw them away.

Handling a Live or Dead Mouse on a Glue Trap

The task of removing a live mouse from a glue trap shouldn’t be very complicated. It is important to do it away from your home since you’re going to release the mouse. Put a pair of gloves and find a box to put the trap in. You’ll need to protect yourself from the mouse by putting something like a log in between. Then pour the vegetable oil onto the glue and a bit on the mice. The oil will dissolve the adhesive and the mouse will be free to go. When you have a dead mouse in a glue trap, put a pair of gloves, generously spray the trap and the mice with the disinfectant, put everything in a bag, seal and throw away.

Releasing a Live Mouse From a Humane Trap

Put on rubber gloves and try to figure out if any mice are in the trap. Usually, it is pretty easy to hear them too. If some rodents do happen to be inside, put the trap in a box and take it away from your house where you’ll be able to release them. In order to protect yourself, find a log to put in front of your feet. Tilt the trap slightly downward to where the opening is, and the mice will slide out. If you want to reuse the trap, clean it thoroughly with a disinfectant.

If You Need Help, Call Skedaddle

You don’t need to involve yourself with the unpleasant task of disposing of dead mice, there are animal control services with skilled professionals who are trained to do the job in a humane, safe and reliable way. The fully trained professionals from Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control have been the most trusted company in Canada since 1989. We use only humane methods of removal and exclusion, poison-free animal/pest control and have been a preferred choice by Humane Societies. We also complete thorough cleaning and sanitization of any infected areas inside or outside your home. So, connect with Skedaddle today and leave the job of disposal to our experienced wildlife professionals.

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