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Expert Humane Raccoon Removal Advice

Even though most wildlife species seem cute, they will more than likely make you change your mind once they have settled into your home. One of the pests that can be found on people’s properties surprisingly often is the raccoon. They need to find a warm and safe place to spend the whole winter and in search of a perfect denning site, they will naturally be drawn to your property. In case you notice one, it is essential to act swiftly and have them removed, but make sure to put a professional wildlife company in charge that specializes in humane raccoon removal.

Raccoon Essentials

These mammals can be found pretty much anywhere thanks to the fact that they are highly adaptable. It means that you will have an opportunity to see them in forests, prairies, marshes and especially cities. Raccoons are quite adaptable because they have highly dexterous front paws, which means they can eat a wide variety of food. One surprising fact about raccoons is that they are adept hunters in the wild and are able to easily catch a frog, crayfish and other creatures in the water. When they are on land, raccoons usually raid nests for tasty eggs. This means that they can easily pluck mice and insects from their hiding places to do it.

Skedaddle provides 30 years of experience in humane wildlife control.

Behaviour in a Den

Female raccoon will have a litter of up to seven kits and they need to have a safe den while the newborn kits are defenceless. And if a mother raccoon has found your home to offer the perfect opportunity to build a den, she could be living there for months undetected. For the first few weeks of a raccoons life, they are blind and unable to provide for themselves. At this time, the mother will spend her time in the den nursing the kits. She may leave some nights to forage for food, but it may not be until the spring when you see any signs of a raccoon family living on your property.

Do not Attempt to Remove Raccoons on Your Own

Removing raccoons from your property can not only be time-consuming, but there is also the possibility that you will not do it properly. If this happens, there is a risk that raccoons will return in the future. Not only that but raccoons, especially those with kits, can be very dangerous if they feel threatened. This creates a very dangerous scenario for you and the animal. Instead, the best option is to leave the raccoon alone and call the experts for a safe and humane removal.

Make a Move on Time

Raccoons can make quite a mess on your property if you do not remove them on time. Since they are omnivores, they will eat anything they can get their hands on. This means that they will even go to your garden and devour all that can be found there. To make matters worse, they often wreak havoc to your property in the process. So, in order to have them moved out, get in touch with a company that specializes in humane raccoon removal services. The best option is to reach out to Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control and we will make sure no raccoon is left rummaging through your property. At the same time, in addition to humane removal methods, Skedaddle also provides expert sanitization and future-proofing services against re-entry, which means we are a company that focuses on an all-encompassing and wholesome solution for your wildlife problem. Get in touch with Skedaddle today and ensure you have a raccoon-free, peaceful winter.

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