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How To Keep Wildlife Animals Away From Your Garbage

Chances are you’ve had raccoons topple your bins or skunks chew into the bag. Whether you live in a suburban house or city condo, garbage and the food waste inside is a prime wildlife attractant. Wildlife can be a nuisance for people all over Canada and the battle is far from over. You need only browse the internet for pest and wildlife deterrents to find countless products, each with mixed reviews and levels of effectiveness. One solution to keep wildlife away that’s been promoted time and time again is mint, keep reading to learn more about it.

We’d also recommend using a junk removal company to instantly remove all waste – this will contribute to keeping wildlife away almost immediately. Companies such as Southern Rubbish specialise in removing rubbish and junk.

Benefits Of Using Mint To Keep Wildlife Away

Mint is commonly used in many areas as a spice and addition to various dishes. It can also serve as a cheap, effective and non toxic wildlife deterrent. It can be prepared in a number of different ways to fend off wildlife and pests from your yard and home. Growing your own mint can help save money, but the downside is it is an invasive plant that can take over an area very quickly. Here are some common ways in which mint can be used to keep wildlife animals away from your garbage:

  • Crushed mint leaves
  • Sachet bags
  • Repellant spray
  • Mint plants

This plastic bin was no match for razor sharp squirrel teeth.

Crushed Mint Leaves

Garbage is commonly a buffet for various wildlife animal species, but this problem can be easily solved by drying some mint leaves, crushing them and then sprinkling them in and around your garbage. It may seem like a waste at first, but mint is particularly effective against various insects, rats, raccoons and a number of other critters.

Sachet Bags

Another option you could try is placing mint leaves in several sachet bags and strategically depositing the bags around the area where you keep your garbage cans. Also try breaking the mint leaves when placing them in the bags as this will help them release some of the natural oils. This should provide plenty of wildlife animal control almost immediately.

Repellant Spray

You can also try creating a homemade repellent by using a ratio of five parts rubbing alcohol to one part peppermint oil. Alternatively, you could also try cutting fresh mint leaves, peppermint leaves and citrus peels (lemon or orange) to make a deterrent. Simply place the pieces in a small pot of water and bring to a boil. Let the mixture sit overnight and strain the liquid in the morning. Add an equal-part rubbing alcohol and spray the area where you store your garbage to effectively deter mice, raccoons and other wildlife.

Mint Plants

Planting different varieties of mint in your yard or garden can also be very effective in keeping wildlife away. Incorporating giant hummingbird mint, hummingbird mint and bubblegum mint plants in your landscaping will act as a natural repellant. Don’t forget to do the planting in a large coffee can with the bottom cut out to keep the plants from taking over your garden.

Raccoons are strong, clever and determined enough to topple over garbage bin in search of a free meal.

What if mint is doing the trick?

In the long run, the best way to keep wildlife out of garbage is to store it in a secure location. A locked outdoor shed, garage or exterior storage cabinet are your best bets. Squirrels easily chew through plastic and raccoons are clever enough to make their way into even most sturdy garbage bin. Storing garbage and food waste in an attached garage isn’t recommended as it could be an open invitation for mice who can easily slip under the garage door and could end up in the house.

It is never wise to leave your garbage at the curb all night. Instead, put your garbage in the morning of collection day to reduce the chances of animals getting to it. Some people even freeze food waste to help reduce its attractive odour.

Already Faced With An Infestation? Get In Touch With Skedaddle

In case your DIY prevention efforts have failed, switch over to using the mint in your diet and perform wildlife animal control by calling in the experts. Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is a company that has nearly 30 years of experience in dealing with various pests and infestation situations. Having helped thousands of homeowners to date, Skedaddle is the company to call for a humane and 100% effective wildlife removal service. Get in touch with Skedaddle today and ensure your property never again faces a wildlife infestation.

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