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Keeping Mice Out isn’t as Easy as You Think

Mice are synonymous with countless issues faced by people who find them in their homes. These furry rodents are among the most difficult animals to eliminate from buildings. In their bid to survive, they move into buildings that they perceive can provide them with food, warmth, and safety from predators and the elements. Mice are one of the primary reasons for many of the wild animal control service requests in Ontario.

How Mice Get Into Buildings

Once a mouse discerns that a building has all it needs to survive, it begins to devise strategies to get inside. This means searching for cracks and holes that will allow entrance. And this space does not have to be big at all. A mouse can fit into a space that is as narrow as the size of a dime. They will also search for compromised areas, such as rotting wood to chew through.

Why is Identifying a Mice Problem so Difficult?

Once they are inside, they get to work, often undetected since they are very shy and secretive. They are experts at remaining out of sight, preferring to use dark, hidden corridors such as air ducts, crawl spaces, and wall cavities as routes to get them to and from their food collecting trips. In fact, when you do spot a mouse inside the building, it is usually an indicator that the infestation has reached a high level. Many people, therefore, are caught off-guard by mice problems as they learn about the infestation when it is at a late stage.

Mice on the Inside

While mice discreetly occupy your space, they multiply rapidly. A single mouse can transform into an infestation in just a matter of weeks. Mice have no specific breeding period, instead, they mate throughout the year. One mouse can have as many as ten litters annually and each litter can have as many as six babies. They also make quite a mess inside. From discarded food bits to nesting material strewn all around in crevices and corners, you’ll find a mouse infestation to be quite a nuisance. In addition, droppings and urine create a foul smell while also harbouring diseases that are harmful to the occupants of the house.

What can Home Owners Do?

The very best mice remedy is to prevent mice arrival from the outset. This can be done by eliminating the attractions that make the rodents view your space as a potential haven. Collected garbage should be removed promptly or stored in such a way that animals cannot detect its presence. Additionally, frequent home inspections to identify and repair breaches will help to prevent mice from entering your property.

But even after implementing all these measures, homeowners may find themselves beset by a mice problem. Most DIY mice removal strategies fail because they do not factor in some of the unique characteristics of the rodents or are simply not powerful enough to solve the problem.

Expert Mice Removal – The Ideal Solution

Expert intervention is always your best bet, especially when a rodent problem has escalated to overwhelming levels. Professional wildlife removal companies, like Skedaddle, are trained and experienced in assessing and addressing mice infestation problems. They can get rid of mice humanely without exposing you or the animals to harmful substances.

But prevention remains the ultimate solution when it comes to rodent problems. Skedaddle offers rodent control services which include a number of exclusion strategies. Clients who have benefitted from the mice removal service are always advised to opt for exclusion services in order to prevent future rodent issues. Skedaddle’s wild animal control services are the ideal solution for all mice problems.

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