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Mice Extermination Solutions

Before mice removal services can be provided, the home must be evaluated to see if you actually have a mice problem. Of course if you have seen mice in the home, then you know that they are present. When contacting removal service companies, your home will be inspected to determine the pest problem, locating any feeding sites as well as entry points. Mice often enter the home due to easy entry points as well as human food sources. Below we will list how you can avoid such pest problems in the home as well as extermination methods for removal.

Mice tracks in the snow leading directly to an entry point where behind the hydro meter above

Avoiding the Problem

When you become a homeowner, it is important to learn how to avoid the problem of mice in the home. Human food sources are a common issue when it comes to enticing mice into the home. Food should be kept in containers with tight lids and any leftover foods or crumbs placed in trash cans that are tightly sealed. Any open areas such as small holes in the walls or doorways should be sealed to ensure the mice cannot enter inside.

Mouse urine and droppings under a bathroom sink

Extermination Techniques

Depending on which service company you choose to work with, the method of extermination will vary. Some companies use traps and baits to remove the mice from the home. A snap trap is a common option and one that homeowners can install themselves. However, this method of removal doesn’t stop more mice from finding their way into the house and it can also be difficult to attract and trap mice who already have alternate food sources.

Glue traps are another option that have long been used to remove mice. Proper placement must be done to ensure the mouse is caught and not affect any pets. Such traps can be painful to the mouse as the animal becomes stuck and will rip skin or fur trying to dislodge themselves from the trap. Baits are also used but not recommended as they can affect the pets and people in the home as well.

Humane removal is recommended by our experts at Skedaddle Wildlife to ensure the mice are removed from the home but not killed in the process. Our technicians will work to remove the mice in a humane trap where they can then be relocated far from your home. We do not use any poison or dangerous traps so you can rest easy knowing your home is safe during the removal process.

Mice should be removed from the home as soon as they are noticed due to viruses and bacteria. Mice commonly feed on the food sources of humans and leave behind saliva, feces and urine which can contain harmful bacteria and viruses. These include hantavirus and salmonella. The mice need to be removed from the home to ensure that you and your family are safe from disease. The mice population can grow quickly which can make it harder for the creature to be removed from the home. Targeting the mice when they are first noticed will help to alleviate the problem quickly.

Contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control today to have your mice problem taken care of in a humane manner.

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