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Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control has been providing Montreal home and business owners with humane solutions to wildlife conflicts since 2002. We specialize in removing and excluding nuisance wildlife from attics, chimneys, vents, crawl spaces and garages. We pride ourselves on using humane and effective methods to resolve wildlife challenges and we back our workmanship and materials with a lifetime warranty.

The island of Montreal is one of Canada’s most densely populated urban areas. In fact, the municipalities of Montreal, Westmount, Côte-Saint-Luc and Hampstead are among the 10 most densely populated cities in the country. It might come as a surprise that wildlife are able to thrive in such conditions but in fact, Montreal is incredibly biodiverse.

Montreal is home to an array of wildlife species, thanks to its unique combination of urban and natural environments. Some of the most common wildlife species found in Montreal include:

  • Raccoons: These adaptable creatures are often found in urban areas, where they take advantage of abundant food sources and shelter in attics, chimneys, and sheds. In parts of Montreal where flat roofs are common they most often enter attics through vents that cannot be seen from the ground. In the suburbs surrounding the city raccoons are more likely to push up an aluminum soffit to get inside. Raccoon babies typically arrive in Montreal by mid to late March and litters continue to be born into early summer.
  • Squirrels:Montreal’s parks and green spaces provide the perfect habitat for squirrels, especially where a mature tree canopy can be found. Squirrels most often enter homes by chewing through wood, aluminum or vinyl building materials. Like raccoons, female squirrels in Montreal typically give birth to babies beginning in March but can also give birth to a second litter during summer.
  • Skunks:Skunks are found all over the Island of Montreal and the suburbs. Known for their distinctive odor they can be a nuisance when they take up residence under your deck, porch or cabanon. Skunks struggle to get around in deep snow so mating season usually occurs in spring after everything has thawed with babies arriving by May.
  • Bats:Montreal’s older homes and buildings provide ideal roosting sites for bats, which can enter through small openings they find along the roofline. The big brown bat is the most commonly found species inside Montreal walls and attics. When bats roost inside a home they can emerge into the living space. Bats are most active during late summer when the weather is hot and humid and there are lots of insects to feed on. Some bats can carry rabies so professional removal is always recommended.
  • Mice and Rats:Montreal is home to large mouse and rat populations that can make their way into homes through small openings they find on the exterior. In the case of rats they can also gain access to houses through Montreal’s legacy cast iron sewer and plumbing systems.

When wildlife make their way inside the walls or attic they can cause sleepless nights for homeowners, contaminate the space and destroy building materials. Skedaddle’s comprehensive wildlife removal, clean up and prevention services are designed to take the stress out of this difficult and unexpected situation. Our trained technicians have what it takes to humanely and effectively evict wildlife from your home and prevent their re-entry.


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Strange noises coming from the attic or damage to your roof are signs that wildlife have made their way into your home. For timely and effective resolution you need a team you can trust. That’s why Skedaddle Montreal offers a full range of services to address all your wildlife control needs.

Here’s what you can expect:

Humane Wildlife Removal: Our experienced technicians are trained in safe and humane wildlife removal techniques. Whether it’s raccoons in your attic, squirrels in your chimney, or skunks under your deck, we have the knowledge and expertise to safely remove the animals from your property.

Cleanup and Restoration: Wildlife intrusions can leave behind a mess, including droppings, urine, and damage to your property. Our cleanup and restoration services ensure that your home is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, and any damage is repaired to restore your property to its original condition.

Prevention and Exclusion: We believe that prevention is the key to long-term wildlife control. Our team will identify and seal potential entry points to prevent future intrusions, as well as implement deterrents to discourage wildlife from entering your home.


We’re not your typical exterminator that sets a trap and waits to catch something. Skedaddle takes a proactive and hands-on approach that provides superior results for clients. Our technicians are trained to climb ladders, scale roofs and crawl through cramped attic spaces to remove wildlife.

Our hands-on removal methods are most critical during the spring and summer birthing season when Montreal area squirrels, raccoons and skunks give birth to babies. During this time of year trapping and relocating a mother or locking her away from babies will lead to added home damage and orphaned babies.

As a pioneer in the wildlife control industry, Skedaddle recognizes that no two wildlife control situations are the exact same. The area of infestation, the species involved and the time of year must all be considered when creating a removal plan. We customize our removal, clean up and prevention services to your home and situation to ensure you’re protected for the future.

Full-Service Approach: Unlike some wildlife control companies that only focus on removal, we offer a comprehensive approach to wildlife control. From initial assessment to cleanup and prevention, we handle every aspect of the process, so you can rest assured that your wildlife problem will be fully resolved.

Exceptional Customer Service: At Skedaddle Montreal Wildlife Control, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our customer service and technician teams are dedicated to providing prompt, professional service and personalized solutions to meet your unique needs. We understand that dealing with wildlife intrusions can be stressful, and we’re here to make the process as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Local Expertise: We have been serving Montreal for over two decades and our technicians are residents of Montreal, many of whom have studied environmental and wildlife management at institutions like Vanier College. With their expertise and knowledge of the local ecosystem and housing construction, you can trust that your wildlife control needs are in good hands.

Prevention and Exclusion: We believe that prevention is the key to long-term wildlife control. Our team will identify and seal potential entry points to prevent future intrusions, as well as implement deterrents to discourage wildlife from entering your home.

For many years, frustrated home and property owners had few choices when it came to Montreal wildlife control. Exterminators were often the only option and their approach usually involved attempting to trap and relocate unwanted wildlife. This one-size fits all approach does not offer guaranteed results and does nothing to keep out other animals long-term.

Instead of setting traps and hoping to catch something, Skedaddle takes a targeted and hands-on approach that provides superior results for clients. As a pioneer in the wildlife control industry, Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control prides itself on using humane methods to remove wildlife and perform the necessary repair work to prevent them from coming back. Our wildlife specialists are also equipped to clean up the mess left behind by an infestation and all of our workmanship and materials are backed by a lifetime guarantee.


Urban wildlife is here to stay in Montreal, sometimes leading to conflict between animals and residents of the city. Public education is at the core of helping Montreal residents better co-exist with the wildlife in our community, and Skedaddle is here to help share our knowledge.

As part of our commitment to the humane treatment of wildlife, Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control has partnered with the Montreal SPCA and Le Nichoir Wild Bird Rehabilitation Centre and is a proud supporter of their tireless efforts to protect animals and conserve wildlife. Our team has also been a guest-lecturer for Vanier College’s Environmental & Wildlife Management program and commented on urban wildlife issues in Montreal for various news outlets, including the Montreal Gazette, CBC News, CTV and Global Television.


Which parts of Montreal does Skedaddle service?
Skedaddle Montreal has been providing services for residents of the Montreal and surrounding municipalities, including Laval, the West Island, the South Shore and Vaudreuil-Soulanges.

Which species of wildlife does Skedaddle provide service for?
The most common nuisance wildlife species in Montreal are: raccoons, squirrels, skunks, birds, bats, mice, groundhogs and rats. Skedaddle Montreal also occasionally provides removal services for less common urban wildlife species, including foxes.

Are there rabid animals in Montreal?
Bats, raccoons, skunks and foxes are the most common carriers of rabies in North America. In Montreal, the most likely carriers of rabies are bats. All mammals can be rabies carriers and the disease is usually transmitted by way of a bite or scratch. Though Québec has not had a confirmed case of raccoon rabies in many years it is advisable to steer clear of handling wildlife. If you receive a bite or scratch you should contact your local public health department immediately.

Does Skedaddle Montreal provide care for injured, sick or orphaned wildlife?
Skedaddle Montreal does not take in and care for injured, sick or orphaned wildlife. We specialize in humanely removing wildlife from homes and preventing their re-entry. If you come across an injured, sick or orphaned wild animal we suggest that contact a local wildlife rescue for assistance.

Will my city or town remove wildlife from my home?
In Quebec, it is the responsibility of the property owner to resolve nuisance wildlife issues at their home. The Act Respecting the Conservation and Development of Wildlife protects wild animals and governs the methods that can be used to remove them. Municipal animal control departments or SPCAs do not offer wildlife removal services.

Is it illegal to feed wildlife in Montreal?
Yes, most Montreal boroughs have bylaws in place that discourage feeding wildlife. These bylaws are designed to protect residents and wildlife from potentially dangerous interactions and prevent overpopulation.


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Montreal-2 Service Area

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See our other locations

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