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Oakville Mouse Control

Mice are probably the most common household pest found inside Oakville homes. We get calls for mouse problems in all areas of town, from older neighbourhoods by the lake to new subdivisions north of the 407 and all points in between.

Mice are one of the world’s most successful mammals and are found on nearly every continent. Their success as a species is owed in large part to their ability to live side by side with humans, surviving on food that has been left unattended or discarded and nesting in our houses.

While many people never see or hear mice inside their house we see the telltale signs of mouse activity just about every attic we inspect. Attics, walls, garages and basements are some of the most common nesting sites for mice.

Here’s what you should know about mice:

  • There’s never just one. Mice are communal animals and aren’t the type to go it alone. If you see even a single mouse inside your home you can bet there are more you aren’t seeing.
  • Mouse populations grow quickly. Female mice give birth 5 to 10 times in a single year with each litter containing as many as 12 young.
  • They’re very sneaky. Mice are tiny, ranging in size from 65 to 95 mm. They can make themselves incredibly small and squeeze into any gap or hole larger than a dime! Mice are also excellent climbers meaning they can enter a home at any point from the ground up.
  • Mice are messy. Mice are constantly urinating and defecating as they travel. A single mouse can produce 40 to 100 droppings a day. Mice carry a host of germs and diseases that they spread as they travel in search of food. If you have mice in your attic, think of it as a giant litter box above your head.

Mouse-urineMouse urine and droppings under a bathroom sink

How to get rid of mice

The only way to get rid of mice permanently is to identify and block their entry points into the home. Mice are found in every neighbourhood in Oakville, drawn to them by abundant food sources in the form of birdfeeders, garbage, pet food and gardens. Traps and poisons might work as quick fix but with so many mice in the area it’s only a matter of time before more arrive.

mouse-wallA mouse entry point where the hydro penetrates the wall

mouse-wall-closerA closer look: Mice even chewed the wire’s insulation

Skedaddle has been providing humane and effective solutions to wildlife problems for Oakville homeowners since 1989. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience needed to identify mouse entry points and block them off permanently. We then use one-way doors to lock out the mice inside the house when they exit for food.

Identifying and sealing mice entry points can be tricky; they can fit inside even the smallest crack or crevice. Gain from Skedaddle’s years of practice when it comes to getting rid of mice and book your inspection today – 1-877-222-9453!

Humane removal and exclusion of: Mice, Raccoons, Squirrels, Skunks, Birds, Bats and more…

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