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Professional Squirrel Removals

Squirrels are busy creatures that are constantly on the go. They scamper here and there and can run as fast as 25km an hour. Squirrels are known to enter homes and set up nests for families, having babies two times per year, once during the spring time and again in the late summer months. When squirrels gain access to the home they will chew and chew, working their way through wood and even electrical wires. Home owners are often alerted of squirrels being in their space by hearing the creatures moving in the walls and attic areas. With squirrels in the home, structural damage can occur as well as health risks to those in the home.

Professional Assistance

If you suspect that squirrels are inside your home, it is time to take action. Contact our wildlife specialists who can assist you with a quality assessment of the home as well as removal of the animal. Wildlife technicians have received extensive training and have the capability to find out where the animals are entering the home and provide squirrel removal services.

With their very strong teeth, squirrels can easily bite through wood, even shingles and aluminum. Squirrels are able to adapt to their environment and make a home, all the while you having no idea they have entered your space. With squirrel removal services, a humane plan is created that will ensure the creatures are removed from the home and taken to a new location. Babies will be taken care of if they are in the home, quickly being reunited with the mother outside the home.

Health and Home Concerns

Squirrels are creatures that can cause damage in the home, both to your health and the actual home. Because they like to chew, squirrels often chew through wiring or wood beams in attic spaces. This can lead to a fire in the home or structural damage. Such areas will have to be taken care of once the squirrels have been taken out of the home.

Squirrels can carry disease as well as ticks and fleas. Your pets as well as you and your family can be affected by what the squirrel can leave behind. Cleaning and clearing out nesting material will be essential to ensuring there are no contaminants, fleas or ticks remaining in the home.

It is essential that homeowners do not try to remove the squirrels themselves. Squirrels will attack if they feel cornered or threatened. It is better for your own safety to have the professionals take care of the removal process.


Once the squirrels have been removed, you will want to focus on preventing the creature from entering your home again. This can be done by using materials to seal any openings, gaps or vulnerable points along the roof line. Heavy gauge screening can be placed over openings to ensure squirrels are unable to access your home. The screening allows vents and soffits to continue to work but will keep squirrels from having an access point to your home.

Contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control today when you are in need of squirrel removal or assistance with pests in the home. The experts specialize in many areas of creature removal and are happy to assist.

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