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Protect your roof with a fall eaves trough cleaning

Water is the arch enemy of your home. Dampened wood can lead to rot or mold. Also, it can create a softened area for wildlife to gain entry. As we move into fall it’s a good idea to do some maintenance to the eaves troughs around your home. Blocked waterways can mean moisture is sitting in one place for a long time. It’ll soak into the wood fascia and roof board causing expensive repairs.

Clogged troughs can lead to water damage

Fallen leaves and sticks can stop the flow of water through the gutter. It’s important to keep the pathway clear so water can drain properly. On most homes there are several eaves leading to a downspout. Water needs to get to the downspout so it can run off the roof. This is especially important before winter. Fall maintenance is crucial to water flow after ice and snow melts.

An excess of water sitting in the eaves trough can soften roof materials. Wood or shingles can become fragile and easy to damage. A raccoon or squirrel can make simple work of water damaged roof. They’ll gain entrance to your home and make dens in your attics or walls.


The weight of snow and ice in this gutter has caused it to pull away from the house

Freezing water will overload the trough and cause it to warp.

Ice can not only disfigure the gutter, it also puts a lot of strain on the gutter itself. Water is heavy. After months of sitting frozen it can begin to pull away from the home. This can expose wood and other openings for pests. Also, it can lead to expensive roof repair.

Sticks and leaves commonly block gutters

Most of the time squirrels, raccoons and mice use leaves, twigs and grass to make dens or nests. These are commonly found in your gutters during fall. Blocked gutters will attract critters to your roof because all of the necessary nesting materials are found in one place. While they’re crawling through your gutter they can easily find entry points made by the water damage of your home.


A wood fascia chewed by open by squirrels.

Adding a wire screen on top of the eaves trough can reduce blockage.

Installing a screen that fits over your gutter can prevent debris from getting stuck. It lessens the amount of maintenance. It’s easier to clear off the top rather than clawing out wet muck.

Ottawa humane wildlife control

Small holes in the roof of your home are prime entry points for rodents and pests. They can slink through almost any size opening or create one if rot is allowed to set in.

If you discover evidence of infestation or wildlife entry then contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. We provide humane removals of wildlife as well as repairing and securing their entry points to prevent future intrusion.

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