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Animal Removal and Wildlife Control Services: Protecting you from Angry Birds

Industry News“Angry Birds” may be one of the most popular video games these days, but a group of students at the University of Warwick in the UK found out that real-life angry birds are not as much fun. The furious bird in question, a Canada goose—the subject of a recent article in the Daily Mail—terrorized students while they made their way to their classrooms. Apparently, the Canada goose was nesting nearby a block of student flats and pounced on every hapless passers-by whom she considered to be a threat to her nestlings.

The Canada goose is one of the most recognizable bird species in North America. These migratory birds are now abundant in the United Kingdom, where they are believed to overrun parks and other areas. It is breathtaking to see these geese in flight, but it’s a whole different story when they turn aggressive and start attacking by pecking, squawking, and chasing after people. Fortunately, animal removal and wildlife control services can be of help.

While there were no reports of serious injuries, it was evident that the goose did a good job of terrifying everyone who encroached on its chosen domain. One of the students remarked, “They’re terrifying. The birds are so big; and they’ll clearly stop at nothing to protect their eggs.” This incident may have taken place in the UK, but it might as well have taken place in the animal’s native country where the Canada goose population has grown rapidly in the last few years, especially in the Greater Toronto Area. To contain the population, some eggs are methodically dipped in kerosene to euthanize embryos; but animal control services, like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control Inc, have taken more humane and reliable approaches.

Canada geese are not aggressive creatures by nature, but as demonstrated by the University of Warwick incidents, the nesting hens can turn overly protective of their clutches or goslings, and exhibit bellicose behaviour. Animal control is occasionally necessary when large flocks of these waterfowl ravage crops, and foul commercial and residential spaces with their excrement. National Geographic reports that a gaggle of 50 geese can produce 2 ½ tons of excrement annually.

Relying on professional wildlife removal services to contain these wild populations not only promises optimum results, but ensures that the birds are not treated with cruelty, as these companies liaise closely with organizations like the SPCA. Professional wildlife removal services also discourage people from resorting to their own methods of dealing with encroaching birds. Days after the reported attack, the University of Warwick’s official student newspaper published a story about a staff member who threw two Canada goose eggs into a trash bin.

The Canada goose may seem non-threatening at first glance, but this recent incident at the University definitely proved that they can be risky to be around. Their excrement can also cause health and sanitation problems. For a more thorough job of containing these angry birds, it’s best to rely on professional GTA wildlife removal services.

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