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Hitchhiking Raccoons Can Bring Rabies To Ontario

Raccoons are incredibly smart critters that rarely encounter obstacles in nature they are unable to overcome. Because of their adaptability, their existence alongside humans has made them capable of living in even the most urban of areas. At times, their intelligence can cause problems for humans far more severe than rummaging through trash cans around people’s homes. Raccoon removal is often the only way to get rid of them humanely and safely. Because they can carry rabies, they are capable of causing epidemics, exactly like the one that’s taken grip in southern Ontario since 2015.

They Can Hitchhike?! Apparently So


Scientific results showed that rabid raccoon originating in southeastern New York state was deemed responsible for the first rabies outbreak in Ontario in a decade. How so? Apparently, the raccoon hitchhiked his way into Ontario for more than 500 kilometres. The animal seems to had gotten aboard a train or truck and managed to sneak past the border. In fact, it likely would have gone on to cause more severe damage if it wasn’t for a fight between the raccoon and two Hamilton dogs in the back of an municipal animal control van.

A raccoon that makes its way into the back for a transport truck

A raccoon that makes it’s way into the back for a transport truck can easily travel thousands of kilometres and help spread the rabies virus

Contacting a professional raccoon control company is often the only way of dealing with raccoons on your property safely and humanely. Removing them in general can be difficult, as they are very intelligent creatures. In addition, if a rabid raccoon scratches or bites a human, it can transmit rabies to them. This is why it is important to stay away from DIY raccoon removal and always contact professional companies to tackle the problem.

A Raccoon Control Company Is Always The Way To Go When Raccoons Are Involved


Can hitchhiking raccoons bring rabies to Ontario in the future as well? It is difficult to say. Ontario has long had a nearly invisible barrier across its southern border. This barrier was designed to keep rabid raccoons away from their healthy Canadian counterparts. But, as seen in this case of the intelligent masked critter from New York, there are exceptions to every rule.

If you do encounter raccoons on your property, remember the following precautions:

  • Never try to handle the problem on your own
  • Immediately call a professional raccoon control company
  • Avoid any contact with the animal because it may carry diseases like rabies
  • Do not attempt to trap or remove it by yourself
  • Always let the professionals handle it
Plastic roof vents can be damaged by raccoons to allow them access into the attic

Plastic roof vents can be damaged by raccoons to allow them access into the attic

If professional services for removing raccoons are what you are looking for, then look no further than Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. The company has plenty of experience dealing with both healthy and diseased wildlife. It offers a number of different services guaranteed to help keep your home and property free from wildlife nuisances.

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