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Birds are so Messy: Removal Methods to Keep Them From Coming Back!

Birds are beautiful creatures that we love to admire from afar as they fly through the air. Birds such as starlings, sparrows and pigeons are common in neighbourhoods and often build their nests in trees near homes, so we can watch their activity if we like. However, these birds also tend to build nests in and around the home, leaving a huge mess in their wake, from bird droppings and nesting materials.

Starling droppings can permanently stain building materials

So how do you keep birds away? You don’t want the exterior of your home to be messy, so preventative measures need to be taken. Wildlife experts have found that aside from bird removal, the best method for bird control is exclusion. When possible, a physical barrier can be used to prevent birds from roosting as well as nesting on your home. Below are a few bird control alternatives so that you can see just how bird prevention is used within the home.


One method that can be used to keep birds away is screening. Galvanized steel screening can be used to keep birds from using the roof and wall vents for their nesting. Unprotected vents provide easy access for sparrows and starlings. By placing screening on the venting structures of the home, the vents can still function normally but will prevent birds from building a nest.

Sparrow nesting material inside an attic


Another option is to add a wildlife exclusion sealant to the home. When applied to any crevices and cracks in the home, smaller birds are unable to gain access to the attic or soffit areas of the home. Soffit overhangs or when there is a gap in the exterior, it provides a prime area for nesting. By using a silicone based sealant, the birds do not access these areas for their home.


Yet another option is to add bird netting to the home. With netting added to the exterior, birds will be stopped from nesting in overhangs or awnings. Such netting systems need to be professionally installed to ensure quality function and lasting protection from bird issues within the home or a business.

Spike or Wire

Additional options include adding a spike or wire to the home. A bird spike will prevent the creatures from roosting on areas of the home such as a chimney, ledge, beams, etc. Bird wire can be added to flat surfaces on the exterior of the home to prevent birds from landing in that area. The taut wire makes the space uncomfortable and birds are deterred from roosting in that area.

These are a few examples as to what you can do to deal with bird issues in and around the home. By deterring birds, you will be able to see the exterior of your home free of messes that birds leave behind. At Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, we have vast experience in bird infestations. We can assist with removal as well as preventative measures. Let our team of experts help you have a bird free home. Contact our office today to learn more about these services.

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