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Rodent Control Services: A Must for Canadian Homes

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CBC News reported last May that after a long winter, Charleswood, Winnipeg resident Julian Warelis was shocked to see his lawn all messed up as he was raking grass. It turned out that a pack of burrowing voles chewed up the grass and dug multiple holes, resulting in several bald spots on his lawn. A pest control expert opined that the unusually long winter gave the voles sufficient time to be comfortable and flourish in Mr. Warelis’s property.

Warelis added that although he had lived in the area for 25 years, it was the first time he had ever experienced such a problem. Unfortunately, wildlife encroachment is not limited to the capital city of Manitoba alone, but happens in other parts of Canada as well. Urban wildlife often seek shelter in people’s homes and cause a great deal of property damage, making rodent control services a must for many homes in the country.

According to pest control experts in the area, the voles could have survived the long winter by burrowing into snow packs. In addition, the thick blanket of snow was said to have protected the voles, making them quite inaccessible to their natural predators. This gives the pests more than enough time to multiply and turn the lawn into a veritable sanctuary.

Winnipeg residents are thus advised to carry out the necessary precautions during the fall, way before the first snow arrives, so it would not be difficult to weed out the vermin. Homeowners like Warelis claim that they put out traps every year; but these contraptions are apparently not nearly enough to keep pests away. Other people have suggested putting out poison to eliminate pests, but some would consider this be a rather inhumane way of dealing with encroaching wildlife.

Homeowners in Winnipeg have much to learn from their countrymen in other parts of Canada. For example, rodent control in Toronto, the largest city in Canada, is not something sensible homeowners typically handle by themselves. Rather, they engage the services of urban wildlife specialists like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control who rid homes of unwelcome rodents, but go about it in a safe and ethical manner.

Rodent control all starts with a proper assessment of the situation before the clean-up operation can commence. After this comes the prevention and protection stage, which involves securing all possible entry points. This makes it harder for unwanted vermin to return.

The presence of rodents and other kinds of urban wildlife can be quite stressful for any homeowner. Luckily, experts such as Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control can help Canadian property owners deal with stressful pest problems safely and effectively.

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