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Pest Control for Crickets


Crickets are nocturnal insects measuring 12 to 25 mm in length, commonly found in almost every city in North America. Their bodies are anywhere from light yellow to dark brown, and while many species have wings that lay flat across their backs, some species are wingless. Crickets live in a variety of habitats, but prefer dark, moist areas to rest and avoid predators. They often turn to homes and businesses for shelter during late fall and winter. While they post no imminent health threats to human beings, crickets are capable of causing significant damage to a home. They are often found chewing through paper, ruining fabric such as clothing and furniture, and attracting other pests within the home. Without intervention, a small population can grow to a full infestation within a mere matter of months. To eliminate a cricket infestation, professional assistance by trained pest control experts is necessary.

Identify & Eliminate

Crickets are often first noticed by hearing their familiar chirping sounds. Spotting crickets within your home is also a telltale sign that an infestation is in the works. Often, homeowners assume seeing a few crickets does not mean they are dealing with a full infestation, but given that crickets are nocturnal, seeing them during the day is cause for concern. Skedaddle Pest Control technicians will identify which species have invaded your home, and which areas they have taken over to create a custom plan to eliminate active populations. Using a combination of environmentally safe insecticide, traps, reducing moisture throughout the home, crickets can be eliminated within a timely manner.

Clean & Control

Controlling a cricket infestation can be difficult without the proper training, materials and experience. Acting quickly is imperative to prevent damage within your home. The presence of crickets can be unnerving for home and business owners, and large cricket infestations must be addressed with a whole home approach. Disinfecting and removing all visible adult crickets, larvae, and eggs is an important step in Skedaddle’s process. Using a combination of repellant, moisture control, and sealing the home against future entry by closing off any small cracks and crevices, we can quickly restore a pest free environment for your family.

Monitor & Protect

Homeowners can help to protect their home from crickets by maintaining a low moisture environment using dehumidifiers, cleaning below cabinets and sinks, and fixing leaky faucets or pipes in a timely matter will make your home less appealing to crickets. Ensuring door frames are kept in good condition, and sealing small cracks in window seals will prevent future populations from entering. Because crickets will overwinter, they develop quickly when temperatures rise and adults start mating in late spring, Ongoing monitoring and inspections are essential to keep infestations at bay. Skedaddle’s Four Seasons Pest Control program protects your home from insects year-round, creating a pest free environment for you and your family.