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Pest Control for Spiders


Spiders are part of the arachnid family, making them closely related to ticks, mites and scorpions. North America is home to thousands of different species of spiders, ranging in size, shape, and colour. While venomous spiders do exist around the world, the majority of spiders in Canada and the United States are non-venomous. However, spiders can still wreak havoc by biting, building webs that collect other insects, and breeding new populations within the home. Spiders enter structures through cracks under doors, around windows, and other open areas, and prefer to build their homes in low activity corners and crevices around the home. Skedaddle Pest Control technicians are trained to find, treat, and manage spider populations through a customized treatment plan uniqely built for your home.

Identify & Eliminate

Spiders can be found anywhere indoors or outdoors. Indoors, spiders can be found in quiet corners, around light fixtures, behind furniture, or within storage areas of the home. Outside, spiders often nest under eavestroughs, decks, or within sheds. Seeing a spider in your home once in a while is not usually a cause for concern. The most common species’ found in households in North America are the wolf spider, fishing spider, house spider and garden spiders. An abundance of webs, visable eggs or egg sacs, and multiple sightings of the same species are signs of an uncontrolled infestation. By identifying exactly which species has been plaguing your home and surveying your property for all signs of spider activity, Skedaddle technicians can implement a custom plan to eliminate active populations, ridding your home of spiders quickly and efficiently.

Clean & Control

The best protocol for a spider infestation is sanitation. Inside the home, Skedaddle technicians will remove all webs and treat common entry areas with a safe and environmentally friendly insecticide to prevent stray spiders from settling in. Egg sacs and existing spider populations will be removed as well. Skedaddle’s exterior treatment involves a full home web wipe to remove all existing webs, and the use of repellants to deter future infestations. Sealing up all known entry points, such as cracks and crevices in doors and windows, will prevent new populations from moving in shortly after.

Monitor & Protect

Keeping spider infestations from returning is an ongoing process, requiring regular maintenance and cleaning. Homeowners should declutter and vaccum regularily inside, while performing proper upkeep with the yard and greenspaces outside. While most spiders in North America pose no fatal threat to humans, there are still risks associated with interacting with them. Venomous bites can cause an array of health issues, and spiders are able to actively track bactera throughout your home. Multiple inspections, and regular repellant re-application is necessary to protect your home and prevent further issues from arising.