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Four Seasons Pest Control


Whether you own a home or a business, keeping a pest free environment is very important and keeping bugs away for good is rarely a one and done scenario. The success of our Four Seasons Pest Control program is the targeting, treatment and monitoring of pests across the three zones around your home and property, all year round. Our three zone approach focuses on treating known harborage areas and hot spots around your property in specific seasons through-out the year. The Green Zone is those insect harbourage areas around the structure and in the yard, such as patios and flower beds, that encourage insect breeding activities. Our service will focus our treatments in this zone during Spring, Summer & Fall to effectively keep pests away. The Yellow Zone is the exterior of the structure and the immediate perimeter where insects seek out entry points into the living space. This is the most important area of the home to protect as it the direct route for pests to enter your home. Our Four Seasons program will focus on this zone year round. The Red Zone is the interior of the home, where pests have the greatest potential impact on quality of life and Skedaddle has zero tolerance for pests inside your home. Winter poses the highest risk of pests in the home as they seek a warm place to shelter from the cold weather. Following the initial treatment, seasonal visits, and any necessary spot checks, you will enjoy a pest free environment year round. For more information about our Four Seasons Pest Control program download our brochure below.


Spring is a time for rejuvenation when insects begin to rebound after the winter season. During this time Skedaddle concentrates on material application that reduces insect reproduction. We focus on your home’s exterior where insects may seek out entry points into the living space and harbourage areas where insects live and breed. Homeowners can reduce the insect population on their property as the weather warms up by keeping true to spring cleaning traditions. Ensure your kitchen, and bathroom are clear of food, water and moisture where insects will look to forage.


Summertime is the most active time of year for many insects in and around our homes. This is also when the young born in the Spring are now maturing. At this point, insect pressure is very high as they search for food sources and harbourage. This is the ideal time to treat in harbourage areas where insects live and thrive in green space around your property. Our summer pest control service will focus on those outdoor areas including the patio, flower beds, and the immediate exterior of your home. Knocking down surging insect populations during summer is the best way to ensure you can relax and enjoy the season’s weather in your backyard.


When the temperature starts to drop, insects begin looking for indoor shelter from the coming cold. This is a good time for homeowners to inspect windows, doors and other exterior elements around their home for potential insect entry. It is also important to clear fallen leaves and debris that provide shelter for various insects. Our technicians will focus our treatments on your home’s exterior to create a barrier around the home and reduce the occurrence of pests entering the home seeking winter shelter.


Many insects die off or become dormant during winter but some pests remain active indoors year round. Spiders, roaches, millipedes and centipedes are just some of the species you can find inside your home during winter. Our interior winter pest control service focuses on eradicating insects seeking shelter inside your home for the season. Our trained technicians take the opportunity during winter to get into your home’s nooks and crannies to identify and eliminate indoor pests and prevent the emergence of pest populations before they start in spring.