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It is crucial for every business to have a thorough, effective, and safe pest control plan in place to ensure a positive experience for clients and staff. Skedaddle Pest Control offers fully customized integrated pest control plans to protect your business from pests all year round.

Our commercial pest control services meet LEED certification requirements as well as GMP and third-party standards.

No matter your industry or the size of your business, Skedaddle Pest Control has the solution for you.

Identify & Eliminate

Starting with an on-site consultation, Skedaddle Pest Control will thoroughly inspect the interior and exterior of your business to determine pest entry points, hot spots and vulnerable areas.

Our technicians will identify pest problems as well as their root causes, and provide a clear and precise treatment plan to get rid of all active pests from your business and office space. All of our treatments are expertly applied and won’t cause harm to people or property.

Protect & Control

To keep your business in tip-top shape, our technicians will implement several pest control measures around the property to protect your business from unwanted pests, rodents and even birds. Our team will then provide you with a detailed commercial pest control plan to protect your business from future pest problems. Our Skedaddle Pest Control team will work with you to fully customize a pest control protection plan that fits your business needs. We’ll identify breeding and harbourage sites and advise on regular sanitation strategies designed to prevent problems before they emerge and avoid any future infestations.

Monitor & Report

Pest problems are bad for business. Stop them before they start with regular monitoring to ensure your business can carry on without interruption. With Skedaddle’s commercial protection program our expert technicians seek out pest harbourage sites and apply proactive treatments that target pests at the source. Our programs include all necessary documentation and reporting tools to ensure compliance with third-party audits.

Commercial Pest Control Services By Industry

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What Our Customers Have to Say

Skedaddle is an amazing company. We have been using them for over a year now, at three of our locations. Kevin Muller, our local rep, is constantly offering us suggestions and tips to help uphold and maintain our clean records. His monthly cleaning and maintenance schedule is thorough and very helpful. If ever we suspect an issue, Kevin is quick to react and put a plan in place. Kevin always has a smile on his face, and his charming personality makes him a pleasure to have in our restaurants.
Logan Satkurunathan
The Courtyard Owner

Commerical Pest Control Plans by Species

While most people think bed bugs are exclusive to homes, businesses are just as likely to find themselves riddled with an infestation. Bed bugs are prevalent in every urban neighbourhood in North America, and can be found nestled between furniture seams and crevices and baseboards, causing havoc within offices, common lounge areas and lobbies. They are small, brown and oval shaped, measuring 4-5mm long, but their size is no comparison to the threats to your business they may cause. An unattended infestation can grow to an unfathomable state within a matter of months. During the initial walkthrough, our technicians inspect a premise from top to bottom for signs of infestation. Our extermination process is safe and effective, with the materials we use, coupled by the necessary safety precautions, the treatment pose no threat to employees or clients. Be sure to call a Skedaddle Pest Control professional at the first signs of bed bugs to prevent the issue from growing.

Specially trained canine’s are able to detect the presence of bed bugs at any stage, from eggs to fully grown insects. By utilizing canines, large places of business can be surveyed at a fraction of the time a regular inspection would normally take. Detecting an infestation at an earlier stage prevents the issue from growing, allowing Skedaddle to treat the issue more efficiently and effectively. By eliminating the threat early, business owners save on the cost of cleanup, and protect the reputation of their business by avoiding a full blown infestation.

Small flies can become a major issue, threatening the health of your clients and staff, and the reputation of your business. A fly infestation could quickly become a mass spreader of a range of diseases, including e-coli and salmonella. By implementing different treatments based on where the flies are located, how they’re entering, and where they are breeding, your business can become pest-free in no time. At Skedaddle Pest Control, we focus on eliminating any immediate issues first, then build a custom plan to remove breeding sites, decontaminate using safe and effective materials, and prevent additional pests from entering in the future.


Large flies, while easier to spot, are just as big of a nuisance as any other pest issue. While they may seem harmless, flies transfer bacteria and disease, posing a threat to your employees and your clients. Since flies can enter your business from ground to ceiling, through open doors, windows, or even the smallest crevice, they can be difficult to control. Our custom fly management program helps business owners tackle the issue with an all encompassing approach, utilizing multiple treatment methods and regular maintenance to eliminate the issue for good.

Birds have long been known to wreak havoc on businesses by disturbing customers, damaging buildings and creating numerous health threats with their presence. The damage caused by birds, both through their corrosive droppings and their destructive nest building, can incur extra unwanted costs for business owners and drive customers away. Birds also have the potential to carry a number of diseases, which pose a threat to you, your clients, and your employees. Using a number of proven exclusion techniques, including bird proof netting, spikes, and other deterrents, in combination with new and innovative methods, Skedaddle Pest Control will have your business bird free before you know it.

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