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We're here to help throughout
the COVID-19 issue. Read More..

We're here to help throughout the COVID-19 issue. Read More..

Commercial Pest Control​


It is crucial for every business to have a thorough, effective and safe pest control plan in place to ensure a good experience for clients and staff. No matter what type of business you are running, you want to protect your customers, staff and inventory from the hazards that pests can cause. Skedaddle Pest Control can provide a full extensive Commercial Pest Control plan to protect your business from pests all year round.

Identify & Eliminate

Starting with a full, in-depth property inspection, Skedaddle Pest Control will thoroughly inspect the interior and exterior of your business to determine possible pest entry points, hot spots and vulnerable areas. We will identify the type of pest problem as well as root causes and provide a clear and precise treatment plan to get rid of the active pests from your business and office space. All of our pest control treatments are expertly applied and won’t cause harm to people or property.

Clean & Control

To keep your business in tip top shape, our pest control technicians will clean up any mess left behind by the pests and provide you with a detailed commercial pest control plan to control pests in and around your business. We’ll identify pest breeding and harbourage sites and advise on sanitation strategies designed to prevent pest problems before they emerge. We’ll also create a customized pest control service plan that fits your business’ needs.

Monitor & Protect

Pest problems are bad for business. Stop them before they start to ensure your business can carry on without interruption. WIth Skedaddle’s commercial protection program our expert technicians seek out pest harbourage sites and apply proactive treatments that target pests at the source. Our program includes everything you need to protect your business and give your customers and staff peace of mind with a clean, pest-free workplace.