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Pest Control for Bed Bugs


Bed bugs are among the most common household pests in North America. They can be found hidden within the seams of your mattress, corners of your bed frame, and in other upholstered furniture. Bed bugs breed at an incredible rate, with one pregnant female producing up to 300 adults in a matter of months. Bed bugs are rusty brown and oval shaped, measuring between 1-7 mm in length.

Bed bugs can enter your home through cracks and crevices in your windows or door frame, by latching themselves to your clothing, or on used furniture or other personal items. Eliminating bed bugs can be a difficult task, particularly because they can go up to 70 days without feeding, making it easier for them to become dormant and hide during inspections. Our experts at Skedaddle Pest Control will build a customized treatment plan for your home, consisting of a variety of treatment methods and multiple visits, to rid your home of bed bugs for good.

Identify & Eliminate

The initial symptoms of a bed bug infestation include small itchy bites, small amounts of blood on your sheets or furniture, and bed bug sightings on commonly used pieces of furniture. When Skedaddle technicians arrive, we do a full home inspection, focussing on the most common areas bed bugs can be found. Inspections are important for bed bug issues so that technicians can target and eliminate active populations quickly and efficiently, preventing them from spreading during the treatment process. While multiple visits are usually necessary to completely eliminate bed bugs, the more that can be eliminated in the first pass, the less opportunity they have to breed between treatments. With years of experience, Skedaddle knows how to eliminate bed bugs in a safe and efficient way to create a pest free environment.

Clean & Control

Cleanliness is imperative to maintain a bed bug free environment. For homeowners, keeping laundry clean and washed, and clutter to a minimum is important to prevent bed bugs from breeding and spreading throughout the home. Repeat visits allow technicians to confidently eliminate not only existing populations, but eggs that have the potential to create a repeat infestation as well. By utilizing a combination of a detained hepa-vacuum treatment, safe chemical treatments and regular inspections, your home will be bed bug free in no time.

Monitor & Protect

An aggressive treatment plan including regular, ongoing inspections is necessary to get ahead of future bed bug issues. Eliminating the current population is the first step, but to protect your home in the long run, proper maintenance is required. By utilizing protective measures, such as mattress covers, regularly surveying your home, and calling professionals at the first sign of a bed bug infestation, your pest problems can be eliminated for good.