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Pest Control for Millipedes


Millipedes are a common North American household pest, ranging from 2.5 to 4 cm long with long, slender bodies. The common species in Canada and the United States are medium to dark brown in colour, and look similar to worms with legs spanning the length of their segmented bodies. Millipedes don’t bite or sting humans, but they can excrete a defensive fluid that can irritate the skin. They can also become a major nuisance to homeowners by creating an unsanitary environment, and attract other pests that prey on them. Millipedes enter the home through basement doors and windows, crawlspaces, vents, weathered doors and windows or garages. Since they are able to climb the foundation of a home, it is possible for them to enter higher than ground level. Aside from the occasional sighting, there is almost no way to detect their presence. A professional eye is necessary to detect and remove all signs of millipedes, and eliminate a growing infestation.

Identify & Eliminate

Often, homeowners assume spotting a millipede or two does not mean they are dealing with a full infestation, but given that millipedes are nocturnal, seeing them during the day can be cause for concern. Skedaddle Pest Control technicians will survey your home for all signs of millipedes, larvae and eggs. Skedaddle Pest Control technicians will identify which species have invaded your home, and which areas they have taken over to create a custom plan to eliminate active populations. Using a combination of environmentally safe insecticide, hepa vacuuming to remove existing populations, and non-chemical treatments such as removing attractants within the home, millipedes can be eliminated within a timely manner.

Clean & Control

Controlling current and future millipede infestations requires professional experience and materials. Sealing any and all cracks in your foundation, windows and door frames, and controlling the moisture within commonly infected areas in your home will prevent and discourage future millipede entry. Disinfecting the home is an important step in Skedaddle’s process. Eliminating all visible signs of a millipede infestation will also reduce the likelihood of other insects being attracted to the area. Using a combination of repellant, moisture control, and sealing the home against future entry by closing off any small cracks and crevices, we can restore a pest free, clean environment for your family.

Monitor & Protect

Keeping millipedes away from your home is an ongoing process. One visit is usually not enough to eliminate all possible insects, eggs and larvae. Millipedes are most active in the summer, and often migrate indoors during the fall season in preparation for the cold weather. It is also possible for millipedes to migrate indoors through spring, as heavy rain can make for difficult survival outdoors. Multiple inspections, and regular maintenance is necessary to protect your home and prevent further issues from arising.