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Skedaddles Bird Removal Solution

Birds are beautiful, majestic creatures that are pleasant to look at especially when they’re in their natural habitat. They are admired by so many people around the world that entire hobbies, such as bird watching, are inspired by them.  But when they establish nests in your residential spaces like the garage they can become quite bothersome.

The most frequent offenders encountered by the Skedaddle team are Starlings. These cute musical little birds are famous for making their nests in the vents that are installed on the outside walls of homes.

The Danger of DIY Wildlife Removal

Birds are, by nature, so beloved that even when they become a nuisance, nobody wants to harm them. Although there is a high possibility that homeowners may try to remove them without professional help putting the birds and themselves at risk. The best solution, therefore, is a humane bird removal strategy. Only expert wildlife animal removal services such as those provided by Skedaddle can guarantee this.

Continuous bird prevention is important to solving any bird problem.

The Heart of the Problem

Warm spaces such as chimneys, crevices, and garages are favourite spots for nesting birds. The prime time for them to invade your home is in the spring and summer when they reproduce. When birds find a haven inside a home, it may seem like an amusing situation at first, but over time serious safety and health risks for both the birds and the inhabitants of the home emerge. The best way to tackle the situation is to get expert help before the situation escalates but even when things get out of hand, humane expert animal control groups such as Skedaddle’s wildlife control team stand ready to assist.

Skedaddle’s Humane Wildlife animal removal and control experts are ready and waiting to help with your bird and other wildlife troubles. We’ll evaluate your situation and devise a strategy that will resolve your conflict with nature safely and effectively. Typically, we provide a three-part service, which includes an inspection, cleaning and sanitizing, then finally bird-proofing your home from any pests looking to enter.

Assess and Removal

Our experts will evaluate the space, taking into consideration all ecological factors concerned, identify the birds’ nests in your home and remove them. Removal is done strategically to ensure that no harm comes to the birds. Baby birds, for example, are kept in specially designed alternate housing to allow animal carers to continue nurturing until they can fly.

A Humane bird solution is the best way to increase the survival of baby birds.

Clear and Clean

Once our technicians have confirmed that all the birds have left your home, they will begin the process of cleaning the affected areas. This includes nest particles, carcasses, and droppings along with other messes the birds may have created. Thorough cleaning is crucial to the prevention of the spread of diseases such as histoplasmosis, which is potentially incurable and contracted when people inhale particles from bird droppings.

Prevent and Protect

Skedaddles expert team can install protective caging for your vents to prevent Starlings and other creatures from accessing the space. Our prevention and protection services also include sealing all potential points of entry to ensure that your property remains free of wildlife intruders after the wildlife animal removal process is complete.

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