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Spotting the Signs of Baby Squirrels on Your Commercial Property

When squirrels move into your business without your consent or knowledge, the discomfort, damage, and health risks faced making their removal important. Unfortunately, removing squirrels is not so simple because squirrels that live in human-occupied settings are sometimes nurturing mothers. Experts at humane animal control and removal in Durham will remove squirrels without harming them. But before you call in the experts you first need to have reasonable grounds to suspect that baby squirrels are in fact living in your building.

Baby squirrels are delicate and removal strategies that do not take this into consideration may lead to their demise. If they are exposed to the elements, for example, they may not survive long enough for their mothers to retrieve them. Additionally, they may not be found by their mothers if they are not placed strategically to facilitate this.

Signs of Squirrel Presence

You can tell that baby squirrels are in your home by noticing a few signs. These signs may be visual or they may be hearing related. They may also be related to your sense of smell.

The visual signs of squirrel intrusion in the office space are numerous. One of the obvious ones is squirrel scurrying about. Usually, this is because they are travelling to and from their nursing dens. You may also see structural damage such as rips and holes in the building. Upon inspecting your wiring you may also find chewed up wiring and shredded insulation in the walls or attic. This type of damage may mean that squirrels (young or old) are using your building to keep their perpetually growing front teeth sharp and under control. Feces and urine deposits may also be left in the building by baby and adult squirrels. The feces of baby squirrel is usually smaller than that of adults and it has an oblong shape. It also has a milder smell than that of an adult squirrel ’s poop.

If your business location has an attic you may hear sounds up there as squirrels go about their daily and nightly business. Of course, the nighttime sounds won’t be discerned unless you work overtime or get assigned the night shift.

How Skedaddle Can Get Your Business Back on Track

In order to ensure that your commercial property remains usable for business purposes, you need thorough and effective squirrel removal. The service also needs to be humane in nature because the last thing you want for your business is the consequences (such as fines) of defying Durham’s wildlife control regulations. This is exactly the kind of service offered by Skedaddle.

Our highly qualified and experienced wildlife technicians will carry out a detailed inspection of your building to determine the extent of your squirrel problem. We will then proceed to remove the animals paying close attention to the babies that may be there. Baby squirrels will be assessed to determine their level of fragility and may be placed in warm generating boxes outside the access point used by the mother squirrels so that they may be reunited. When this happens the mother squirrel usually takes her babies to another den site.

After removing the animals our team will embark on clearing and cleaning, another phase of our thorough wildlife removal service. During this service, Skedaddle’s wildlife technicians will remove all physical traces of squirrel presence in your building. This includes waste deposits nesting material and fur among other things. We will then apply bacteria killing specialized sanitizers to neutralize the threat of diseases associated with squirrel intrusion.

The final leg of your business’ Skedaddle piloted journey to a squirrel free environment is the preventing and protecting phase. This is when Skedaddle’s wildlife technicians seal off potential entry points and install protective barriers that keep squirrels out. Through this thorough approach Skedaddle’s expert animal control services will keep your Durham commercial property squirrel free.

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