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Spring Season Wild Animal Removal

Many homeowners throughout Canada see spring as a welcome opportunity to enjoy the warmer weather by spending more time outside. However, this is also true of many species of urban wildlife that exist in countless communities. Spring is the mating and birthing season for many species of wildlife and this causes conflicts with humans. City dwelling animals make a habit of denning and nesting inside porches, chimneys, and attics, which for many homeowners creates the need for professional wild animal removal services.

Wild Animal Removal: Infestation Prevention Tips


Among the many activities, you can perform to safeguard against suffering a wildlife infestation in your home or property, performing spring cleaning around your garden and yard is most helpful. These activities can include:

● Removing food sources
● Trimming branches and trees
● Cleaning your gutters

Every Skedaddle job starts with a thorough inspection of your home to ensure that all wildlife entry points and damage are identified

Removing Food Sources

Remember that your property appears attractive to wildlife if you have bird seed, pet food and unsecured garbage scattered around. If this is the case, critters are not just attracted to your property by free meals, but also because available food causes them to nest and make dens inside your home. Regardless of having a birdfeeder that you might have put out to attract blue jays and cardinals, you will likely attract rats and mice as well.

Trimming Branches And Trees

Wild animal removal services are something you will definitely need if you have trees in your yard with branches that are making contact with your home. Keep in mind that pests like mice, raccoons, and squirrels use vines, branches and trees as paths to access your roof and house. If you don’t regularly trim branches and trees on your property, vegetation can make problems harder to see, keep your roof wet and create damage on roofing materials.

Cleaning The Gutters

When it comes to the causes of roof rot and water damage around a property, clogged gutters are a notoriously frequent culprit. The best possible way to extend the life of your roof is to periodically remove debris and leaves from your eaves. Such activities will allow water to flow freely and prevent many weaknesses that critters can use to gain access to the inside of your attic.

If Your Prevention Efforts Fail, Call Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Services


Despite your best prevention efforts, there is always a chance that a sneaky critter will manage to find a way into your home or property. If the intrusion goes unnoticed and the critter is left to nest and give birth to young, the problem will become more complicated. In that case, professional services in removing wild animals are your best and safest option.

A Skedaddle technician placing a raccoon baby in a heated reunion box so that it can be reunited with it’s mother and relocated to one of her other den sites

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Services has been offering its removal and sanitization services to homeowners for nearly thirty years. After performing thousands of successful interventions, Skedaddle has reached a 100% success rate and offers a lifetime guarantee on all future-proofing materials it uses. Contact Skedaddle today and ensure your home is pest free with professional help.

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