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Alicia from Cambridge

I recently had the misfortune of having raccoons co-habiting with me. I called a couple of pest removal companies for estimates and yours was one of them. Your quote was by no means the most reasonable but your customer service was excellent, including the friendly girl who arranged the home inspection and the knowledgeable manager who performed the perimeter check. Having been a home owner for just four years, I am getting considerable experience at hiring people and companies for various jobs. I have learned that quality service, expertise and friendliness are worth a lot and Humane Wildlife Control Inc. did not disappoint. Mark was particularly knowledgeable, instilling confidence that this job would be performed to my standards. Mike was also a professional, but personable too. In short, thank you for the professional, speedy and clean removal of my pests. Though I hope not to need your services in the future, I will certainly recommend you to my neighbours, who will no doubt have refugee raccoons soon!

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