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How Did These Mice Get In There? Tips To Remove Them For Good

When it comes to the typical hiding places of rodents, everybody already knows about areas like attics, crawl spaces, and kitchen cabinets. As for rats, they feel right at home at subways, sewers and back alley garbage cans. But, you’d be surprised how intelligent rodents can be. Chances are you’ve never even heard of some places they love to find shelter in. If you’ve never had to get rid of mice from your walls, get ready. It is a very real possibility, much like some of these other spots:

  • In the chimney
  • Behind the oven
  • In your car’s engine bay

Want To Get Rid Of Mice From Walls? Better Check The Chimney First 


Chimneys are open houses for rodents interested in finding a winter home. They are perfect for pests because they’re dark and typically warm. Also, they give mice easy access between the indoors and outdoors in addition to being undisturbed and relatively quiet. While it is difficult to thoroughly inspect your chimney for these pests, there are ways to determine if they’re present. Look for droppings as well as scurrying and scratching sounds at night. These should be an obvious signal that you need to call a wildlife professional to take care of the problem.

Mouse droppings scattered below a sink

Mouse droppings scattered below a sink

Don’t Forget To Look Behind Your Oven 


Before you grab a sledgehammer in an attempt to get rid of mice from walls (or your chimney), pay attention to more obvious locations. Rodents have a habit of sneaking into insanely small openings. They will easily make a home anywhere that is warm, cozy and dark. That is why it pays to always check for rodent nests behind your oven. Typically undisturbed by humans occupying the home, this spot gets pretty warm pretty often. So, if you find droppings around your stove or oven, or notice your boxes and bags of food being nibbled open, you know where to look.

Check Your Car For Intruders Before You Move On To Removing Mice From Walls In Your Home

Happening to residents all over Canada, especially in the winter, discovering mice nests in your car’s engine is not that uncommon. A parked car actually makes an ideal place to make a nest. If you park in the same spot day after day, it is perfect for a critter looking to settle down for the winter. In addition to the snug cover of the hood, the undercarriage of your car is also very appealing to rodents. You need to get professional help if you find rat droppings around your car or pick up a bad smell coming through the air vents. This because rodents can chew through your car wires very easily, and their droppings carry a number of diseases as well.

Rat droppings in a basement corner

Rat droppings in a basement corner

If You Do Need To Get Rid Of Mice From Walls, It’s Best To Get In Touch With Skedaddle 

The reason for contacting Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control if you have a mice or rodent infestation is simple. They have decades of experience handling such and similar problems. Skedaddle technicians take the utmost care when removing critters humanely and always make sure to sanitize and proof the infested areas against re-entry. They are the quickest, safest and most reliable way to solve your rodent and wildlife problem permanently. Contact Skedaddle today and let the professionals do the heavy lifting.

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