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Squirrels are another animal that remain active through winter.

Tips to Deter Squirrels from your Backyard

Squirrels conjure up images of cuteness and humour for many people, but even the most passionate squirrel lover must admit that these little critters can become annoying to deal with at times. In fact, they often cross over from annoying to downright destructive if measures aren’t put in place to curtail their behaviour. The unpleasant side of squirrel behaviour has triggered the need for squirrel repellent in many yards, especially those of avid bird feeders.

Squirrels and Bird Feeders

Squirrels have been raiding bird feeders since, well since bird feeders have existed! Over the years, people have devised methods to keep the little critters away from bird feeders but to no avail. One method includes moving the bird feeder to a temporary location to make finding it a little challenging for the squirrels. Unfortunately, the little rodents quickly get accustomed to the new location and are usually back to their old tricks in no time.

Keeping Squirrels Away

Baffles are sometimes added to the mounts or stands on which bird feeders sit to thwart the squirrel’s feeding foraging efforts. Some people resort to greasing the base of the stand on which the birdfeeder is mounted. This works temporarily, but it also puts the squirrels at risk for illnesses and infections and increases their likelihood of being attacked by predators.

Then there are the strategically designed feeders that are supposed to allow birds to access the feed while denying access to squirrels. Eventually, the squirrels find their way in though and as a result, none of these feeders can truly claim to be 100% squirrel proof.

Only some types of squirrels store food.

Under Squirrel Siege? Let Skedaddle’s Experts Come to Your Rescue!

If you’ve already run the gamut of DIY squirrel repellents, and you are ready for a real solution, it is time to get the experts on the scene. And who better to call than Skedaddle? The industry-leading humane wildlife control team with a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of squirrel repellent and control.

The Skedaddle team assigned to your home will start with a full evaluation of your environment aimed at determining the extent of the infestation. They will then craft a removal plan to ensure that all the squirrels that occupying your space are removed.

After the squirrel removal phase has been successfully completed, the clearing and cleaning phase begins. During this phase, the wildlife technicians remove the physical material that the critters left behind. This may include chewed up insulation that was used for nesting or other purposes or other nesting material, which in serious cases, can be massive enough to measure several feet in width. Getting rid of these things helps to ensure that the viruses and bacteria they harbour are kept away from you and your family.

After cleaning and clearing are complete, your wildlife technicians will move on to the prevent and protect phase of the plan. This stage is basically aimed at ensuring that the squirrels do not return. Our more popular squirrel deterrents include more secure storage for pet food especially bird seeds along with a few minor changes to your routine.

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