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Tips to keep raccoons off your yard

Raccoons are nocturnal creatures that live in urban areas, creating dens for safety and comfort. However, as urban and rural areas become more developed, the creatures have learned how to adapt and have found that human homes are much more comfortable than trees. Raccoons are often seen in urban and rural areas of Ontario and can even claim sheds, decks, and attics as their own dwelling. It is important for homeowners to learn more about raccoons to know how to deal with them when they reach a little too close to home.

A mother raccoon relocating one of her babies

More About Raccoon Lifestyle

Raccoons are omnivores so they like to eat grubs, small rodents, insects, fleshy fruit, vegetables, nuts and food discarded by humans. They will often seek out garden areas and destroy plants in order to find food. Raccoons can be seen digging through garbage cans at night so it is essential that homeowners keep garbage cans shut tight to avoid providing an instant food source. If you have a garden and notice it is being attacked, use motion lights to scare off raccoons when they enter your garden area. This should work to deter the creature from stealing your growing food.

Evidence of raccoons digging for grubs to eat in a lawn

Raccoons are quite nimble and can use their small paws to climb inside sheds or into your attic space via the roofline. You may also find raccoons use the underneath of porches and decks to make a new home. Motion sensored sprinklers are great way to deter raccoons from outdoor areas.

Signs of Raccoons

There are several signs that can alert you to raccoons in your home. Do you hear growling or whining at night when you try to sleep? Have you heard scratching or loud movement overhead, perhaps from your attic space at night? And of course, if you see damage to your soffit, siding or vents on your roof that indicate raccoon entry.

So, what can you do? There are several ways you can deter raccoons from your property. When raccoons are using your lawn or garden as a dining area, consider taking a few steps to push them away. Hire a lawn care service to eliminate tasty grubs that raccoons find in your lawn. Sprinkle Tabasco sauce that has been diluted with water on your garden fruits and veggies to make them unappealing. Be sure to clean it off before you eat them! Motion sensored sprinklers also works well, as mentioned above, and can easily be installed in your yard or garden using your existing hose.

If you find raccoons are ransacking your garbage, consider another storage method. You can keep cans in the garage or locked securely in your shed until pickup morning to avoid any mess. Also using tight lids can help to keep raccoons from using their nimble paws to gain access.

If you find that your raccoon issue is too much of a problem, contact our wildlife technicians at Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. We are happy to help with any raccoon infestation, quickly assessing your property and creating a plan of action. See the raccoons removed and preventative measures taken to keep them away in the future.

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