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Unwanted guests living under your deck? Skunk removal in the city

Skunks. When considering this wildlife creature, the first things that comes to mind are the distinct black and white colouring of the animal along with its stinky smell. Skunks are creatures that humans avoid at all costs but they do have a purpose. Skunks eat bugs and insects which helps to cut back on the pest population. However, skunks can also be pests when they decide to use your home as their own.

A skunk burrow under a deck

Skunks like to dig and create dens in areas where they are well hidden. When it comes to your home, skunks will often use decks, porches and other areas as their own. When you see a skunk lurking in or around your home, it is time to contact Waterloo skunk removal services. With removal services, you ensure the skunk is removed from the home and you avoid being sprayed!

Initial Assessment

To begin, wildlife removal services will assess your home. The technician will determine where the entry points are for the skunk and where they have made their den. A hands-on approach should be used to prod the adult skunk, ever-so-gently, to remove the creature from their home. Any baby skunks will need to be placed in a heated baby box and removed from the den and placed where the mother can be with her babies.

Clearing Out the Den

Once the skunk is removed from the den area, the next step is to clean and clear the space. Any contaminated materials will need to be removed as they can pose a major health risk. The technician should advise you as to what steps need to be taken to clean and clear the space based on the severity of the area. Once completed, your home will once again be safe for you and your family.

A trench with buried screen is used to prevent skunks from re-accessing the deck


The next step in the removal process is prevention. It does no good to have the skunk removed only to find that the same creature comes back again. Preventative measures should be used to keep skunks or other creatures from accessing the former den site. This can be done by sealing off the entry point once removal is completed. Heavy gauge screening can be installed deep in the ground to prevent the skunk from gaining access again. The skunk can try to dig again in the area but the screening prevents them from gaining any ground. Deodorizing can also be used to deter skunks from using your porch or deck as their own.

The completed job with the soil and sod replaced

Overall, when skunks are found near the home, they must be removed. Skunks are not aggressive animals but they can cause damage to your home physically, not to mention that someone might get sprayed! Stay away and contact wildlife control when skunks are present.

At Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, we specialize in skunk removal. We can easily assist you with your skunk removal needs, plus preventative measures. When you spot a skunk living in or around your home, contact our experts immediately for assistance. We can help rid your property of skunks.

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