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Why DIY Animal Control Doesn’t Work

Human beings and animals have coexisted on the earth for millennia. The relationship became strained with the introduction of various forms of pollution as people modernized their lives and increased their presence on the planet’s precious land space. Today, the interaction between human beings and the remainder of nature becomes uncomfortable from time to time as animals try to survive by entering residential spaces. This is evident in the many cases of animal infestation that occur in areas that are populated by wildlife species and people. When animals become a nuisance on your property, you need the animal control services of a team like Skedaddle.

Skedaddle handles every animal with care.

The Impacts of an Infestation

Most wild animals are incubators and transmitters of various diseases. When they enter your home they present a real risk to your health. You don’t always have to have physical interaction with a wild animal to be infected by a bacteria virus or disease it carries. Biological matter such as urine and droppings often either contaminate our foods or air, passing the bacteria to people.

Wild animals also damage your property. Rodents chew away at wooden and plastic parts of your home along with furnishings. Some animals erode insulation and rip away protective coverings from electrical wires. These exposed or raw wires can cause a fire resulting in an astronomical real estate loss.

DIY Animal Control Often Does More Harm Than Good

Many who attempt DIY animal control methods are actually unaware of the laws that control how people and animals interact in Canada. They may use traps for instance and find themselves on the wrong side of the law as it is illegal to trap and relocate an animal outside its home zone. Many are also unaware that if you use a live trap improperly causing harm to an animal then a charge of animal cruelty can be brought against you under the Ontario SPCA act. But we should avoid trapping as a DIY animal control method not just because it carries a risk of legal prosecution but because many traps inadvertently catch unintended targets like domestic pets and untargeted wildlife. These traps are often cruel and unnecessary, causing more harm than good.

Some people may also resort to using poisons to get rid of animal invaders. This is a bad idea as the poison does serious harm to wildlife and causes pain and suffering in the animal. Many manufacturers and sellers of poisons try to convince customers that their products are humane but this is misleading because poisons harm the animal and continue to inflict damage on nature even after the animal has already died. This is because other animals may get affected by the poison (usually by eating the remains of the poisoned animal). Additionally, some poisons may end up harming people who use the space (often young children).

A humane release of the animal is extremely important for survival.

Skedaddle to the Rescue

Professional animal control services help Canada’s property owners to maintain wildlife free environments for themselves and their tenants. Skedaddle offers this ideal animal control service.

Skedaddle offers thorough, effective and humane animal control services. We assess your home thoroughly as to a way to determine the extent of the infestation. We will then remove the animals from your home safely and clean any affected areas. Once that is complete, we will get to work protecting your home with our lifetime guaranteed proofing methods. Our expert wildlife technicians are ready to keep your home pest free for years to come.

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