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Seriously Squirrels! Why do you keep hiding in my attic?

Squirrels are small creatures that commonly gain entry into the home and move-in uninvited. Squirrels normally live in trees and collect their nuts for winter, but are often times enticed by the cozy space in the attic of your home. As the homeowner, you must stay aware, watching for squirrel activity to ensure the tiny creatures do not set up shop in your home. By learning the signs of a squirrel infestation, you can know just what to do if your home is affected by the pesky creatures.

Squirrel chewing on attic wiring can cause a fire hazard

What Can Squirrels do to the home?

You may be wondering just what squirrels can do to the home. The small animal can actually cause a great deal of damage. The teeth of squirrels are quite strong and the creatures will use their teeth to chew through wood in the attic as well as wiring. This can cause structural damage as well as the potential for an electrical fire. The nests of squirrels are quite messy and can be home to ticks and fleas, which can create a further problem in the home. Squirrels can also carry disease which can be damaging to your health. Overall, they need to be removed once found in the home.

A deteriorated roof edge is an open invitation for squirrels

Squirrel Signs

There are quite a few signs that can suggest squirrels are living in your home. A big sign of squirrel activity is when you hear feet scurrying within the walls or ceiling of your home. You may also begin to see squirrels trying to get inside your attic, moving along the roofline, looking to create an opening as an entry point. Once squirrels are noticed, you will need to take action. Many homeowners think that traps or squirrel repellant are the best ways to remove such creatures, but that is not the case. These are not true removal methods as they do not prevent the problem from happening again. By hiring experts in wildlife removal, you will see the squirrels removed and preventative measures taken to prevent the problem from happening again in the future.

Professional Removal Services

Once you contact wildlife experts, the removal process will begin. The technician will assess the home to determine where the squirrels are gaining entry as well as determine a plan of action. Adult squirrels can be coerced from the attic space or chased away by the technicians after they enter the attic. Once the adults have been removed, the technician will search the space for any babies. If any babies are found, they will be removed and reunited with the mom outside the home.  Preventative action can then take place to prevent reinfestation.

Squirrel-proofing is then completed to prevent future problems. At Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, we are ready to assist you with all your squirrel infestation needs. When you find that squirrels have taken over your home, give us a call. We will provide an assessment and plan to remove the creatures. Ensuring your home is squirrel free once again!

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