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Why you need professional wildlife removal during winter

Wildlife never takes a break. Most species are on the go year round. If there’s a way for pests to get in your home, they will. That’s why it’s important to always have a wildlife removal professional’s number handy.

Safe removal for everyone and everything involved.

Professional wildlife removers understand how the changing seasons will impact the behaviour of different nuisance wildlife species. Not to mention the extra difficulties added by Canada’s winter elements. Snow and ice are slippery and make it harder to control and prevent wildlife infestations.

Do-it-yourself wildlife removal is fraught with danger, this especially true during winter when climbing an icy ladder or snowy roof presents a serious fall risk. In order to remove and prevent wildlife from entering your home you need to be able to access and repair their entry points. These entry points are frequently found on or along the roof line of a home. For a novice, without proper fall protection training or equipment this can be very difficult during the winter season.

A very icy winter roof

Snow makes finding the animal’s entry point difficult

Snow seems to make everything a little trickier. It covers a lot of area. So, when you’re looking to identify and repair wildlife entry points snow can make the task next to impossible.

Professionals who visit hundreds of homes each year know the most wildlife entry points found on homes and are in a much better position to identify them regardless of weather conditions.

Holes in exterior building materials are the most common access points. Tears in the roof, soffit or siding are easy invitations to pests to claw their way into your home. When it’s cold out, the warm air released from roof vents is appealing to wildlife. They will do anything to get in that safe warm space. Don’t make it easy for them. Soft materials like plastic, vinyl and aluminum are easily manipulated to gain access.


A few holes in a snow covered roof was suspicious enough to warrant a closer look


Sweeping away the snow revealed a plastic roof vent that had been chewed by squirrels to allow them access to the attic below


The view from inside the attic showing with a hole leading straight in

Properly repair any damage

Quick do-it-yourself repair jobs aren’t always enough to keep eager animals out of your attic or walls. There’s a proper way of doing things to limit future pest access and prevent home damage. Professionals will know what’s required to not only remove wildlife but keep them out for good.

A knowledgeable wildlife removal professional will be able to identify potential areas of vulnerability and reinforce or secure them. Identifying wildlife damage and repairing it quickly can save you thousands of dollars in home damage down the line.

When squirrels chew in through a roof vent, as in the example above, it can lead to costly water damage from rain and snow melt. In cases like that it’s not enough to put heavy gauge screen over the vent. The entire vent cover needs to be removed and replaced first. There’s tons of information online about how to fix small problems with your home. However, when it comes to keeping animals trust a full-service provider.

Wherever wildlife goes they are sure to make a mess. Mice, bats, raccoons and squirrels all can easily spread different diseases and bacteria throughout your home. Animal droppings can cause respiratory illness and spread germs. Without proper cleaning these diseases can contaminate your home. In severe cases full attic restoration is required.


Raccoon damage to a roof allowing melting snow to get into the attic.

Don’t fool yourself thinking they’ll leave when the weather is warm

It’s rare for wildlife to leave your home on their home. Even if they do, they will have left behind plenty of odour and scent cues that will attract other animals to your home later on.

Some homeowners delay dealing with wildlife infestation during winter in hopes that the animals will leave once spring hits and the weather gets better. Instead of moving on, thing get worse when adult females give birth to a litter of babies inside the attic. Removing wildlife families, especially when the babies aren’t yet mobile is far more difficult than dealing with adults alone. That’s why it’s best to get ahead of the spring birthing season and remove wildlife from your home during winter.

Wildlife removal Kitchener to Wildlife removal Oakville

Wildlife removal never has a slow period. There are always unwelcome intruders making nests or dens in attics and basements. If you find evidence of wildlife living on your property, contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control for professional removal services. We’ve been in business since 1989 and all of our work comes with a written guarantee.

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