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When Wildlife Control Experts Have Their Hands Full with Bats

Swarms of bats are more than enough to menace a local community. The Wicked Local in Brookline, Massachusetts, USA, reported that wildlife removal outfits received 43 calls on bat infestations in the first three weeks of August. A local wildlife specialist admits the cases have already swamped their lines with at least 100 calls received in one full day.

Having to deal with bats flapping around in people’s homes always shakes the resolve of Ontario residents. The province is already home to eight species of bats; two of these, the little and big brown bat, are also found in Massachusetts. Although many of these night creatures sleep in abandoned mines during the day, bats can just as easily choose to dorm in someone’s house, unnerving the residents enough to call in wildlife control experts such as those from Skedaddle Wildlife to remove the intruders.

The most important thing to do when bats are inside your home is to keep your distance, and make sure nobody comes into contact with the animals; you will need to contact a wildlife expert in the meantime. A Brookline wildlife official said there are times that baby bats wander into homes in search of food. Due to their immaturity, it is best to just let them go, he added.

Once on the ground, the wildlife management crew can scour the house for concentrations of bats; many of these are usually found in attics and behind walls, with the telltale signs of their presence from their droppings and peculiar smell. The size of the bat colony and their droppings will determine how the crew would plan the bat removal. A wildlife removal specialist in Brookline admitted being stunned to see as many as 3,000 bats in a single attic during a recent house call.

Experts at wildlife control in Ontario such as those from Skedaddle may advise the residents to be at a safe distance while the bats are removed from the house, particularly as fecal waste is being disposed of. The entry points determined during the initial evaluation of the house will be plugged instead with one-way valves. At the same time, the removal crew can recommend immediate repairs to the home, such as attic insulation and drywall fixes.

While bats are essential to ecological balance in controlling insect populations, they could be nuisances when they are found in places where they shouldn’t be, such as in your home. You will have to think long-term about getting them out for good; and one way to do so is by enlisting help from wildlife control experts with a sterling record under their belts.

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