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Birds Could Be Damaging Your Building

Pest birds can be a real disaster both for residents of apartment and condo  buildings, as well as the owners and managers. Bird control is almost a given in these situations, as it’s impossible, impractical and ineffective to continuously attempt …Continue reading

Bats Start Hibernating Early! How To Effectively Remove Bats From Your Home

The problem with bats is, they’re not as bad as people make them out to be – at least not all the time. They’re just like any other animal, except they can cause traceless bites and are carriers of numerous …Continue reading

Keep The Mice Away This Fall

The fall season is upon us once again and with it, many homeowners will soon begin to see the signs of unwanted visitors they might have forgotten about during summer. Every fall there is a dramatic increase of mice infestations …Continue reading

Keep Those Pesky Seagulls Away!

Bird control is something that’s likely on the minds of countless folks who are either residing in or passing near beaches, coastal cities, and towns and, unfortunately, landfills. Many subspecies of seagulls have become well adapted to living around humans, …Continue reading

I Hear Bats Flying In My Attic!

Many believe that bats have poor eyesight or even that they’re completely blind, however this is not the case. They actually have very good eyesight, which at times is what helps them find roosting areas that they’re comfortable with. These …Continue reading